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Friday, August 07, 2015

it's flyday!!! working time tends to fly faster on the weekend eve. what's more excited is that i'm meeting with the gang for dinner after works. used to go home and spend my night boringly with phone. so today is considered something different after so long..:)

at first i thought there were only four of us *Elaine, Keong, HC, and me*. never expect Esther is actually in KL too!!! tagging along with his dad for conference so she joined us dinner. and in the end there were also only four of us. as usual the FFK king HC didn't turn up again. i just hate his attitude for always saying that he'll be there but in the end he is the one nowhere to be found *applicable for this round too..iisshh*.

so we meet at the central of KL, which is Nu Sentral since it is easily accessible for them who take public transport. i am basically the nearest one because my house is just two streets away. but i am also the only not taking the public transport. instead i was the one driving there because i left work at Purtajaya *LOL*

we decided for steaks at Outback Steakhouse. seriously i think the prices are too overrated *please* knowing the portion is so small and they taste worse than Chili's and Tony Roma's!!! and what's more?? fucking expensive compared to Chili's and Tony Roma's too!!! this plate of lamb chop pathetically fail in presentation *and taste too* cost me almost around RM60!!! look at those vegetables i can do better than them..-_-

not gonna post what the rest ordered since their food don't look nice too. luckily their cocktails are still acceptable for me. yeah, everyone decided to order alcoholic drink..:)

count out the food i think i had a great time with them. well, it always feel good with them around. we can simply chat and crap anything together. plus we couldn't meet up so often so i treasure every gathering session with them. i cannot wait for our long awaited trip!!! everyone will be there!!!

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