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Thursday, August 06, 2015

the day an employee would always look forward to, PAY DAY!!!. ever since i started working, one thing i realized is that, the day after your salary is in, is the day you will be counting for your next salary to be in..-_- *i know right* symptom of not having enough money to cover you life. the moment the salary is in my account, i will start paying for bills, pumping money out for monthly expenses, and eventually i'll used up like half of my salary already *on the FIRST DAY my salary just comes in,,wtf!!!* i could not imagine when i need to start paying for car loans, insurances, etc.

as an employee, i also hope that i have increment as many times as possible throughout the year. which also means working hard and performing yourself to the best, and not forgetting having the right working attitudes. which i believed i have. 

and i thank god that i have gotten the second time increment from the company this year..:) i do not know the exact gross amount and i did not want to find out too *coz i don't know how to count..wtf*. i will eventually know it when i get my pay slip. 

i would just say "my Manager is not blind after all" :)

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