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Saturday, August 15, 2015

was so happy to receive a text from MackYap the other day. we are as though losing contact with each other after she and AhFun shifted to Pekan campus, leaving me and Christelle be roommate *sigh*. we rarely contact each other unless she needed a stay in our room that was the times she contacted us *not me but Christelle*. but that doesn't make not losing our friendship. we are still as close as we knew each other since day 1 on our registration day. nothing change..:) i'm glad she made and initiative to ask Christelle and me out. well she just recently moved back to KL after terminating her Master *ouch* but anyway welcome to working life MackYap!!!

so initially we had decided to meet in the evening around 1600 because she told us she had to go over to her grandpa's in the morning and only be able to meet after that. since there was so much time buffered, i woke up without an alarm and did my Saturday routine *that would be laundry, cleaning my room and not forgetting cleaning my puff ball too*. out of a sudden Christelle called and Messenger and WatsApp were beeping like nobody's business. only to realize that MackYap was done with her visit and ready to meet up like "NOW".

i couldn't because i was still in the midst of everything undone. in the end we decided to meet at 1430 instead. rushed to finish up my things but i gave up cleaning my puff because there was not much time left thinking that i still need to shower and dress up and fetch Christelle as well. *sorry baby girl mii mii clean you tomorrow*

didn't know MackYap is actually staying in Kajang. going to 1U is like freaking far for her. if i were to know that earlier i wouldn't have chosen 1U. MackYap told us she is now working in Kota Kemuning so both Christelle and me thought she's staying there too. until she told us she was on her way coming to meet us from Mid Valley which made us think twice. and we finally find out the truth after asking her *sorry Mack Yap ><* luckily she brought her younger sister along. so it shouldn't be too dangerous when driving home.

we decided to go for sing k at Neway!!! for four hours!!! we sing like there's no tomorrow!!! we were in time for their Happy Hour promotion which include a buffet lunch. and not forgetting extra discount with our student cards *can't believe i'm still using it..feel like a student again..hahaha*

MackYap's sister was pretty shy she didn't sing much. only three of us siao siao there *LOL*.

and then we headed for dinner at Sushi Zanmai. and from there we started catching up with each other. knowing each other's life and works and other stuffs as well. also know that MackYap's sister is a freaking dog lover *high five!!!* she was so excited when i was having dog conversation with her. can really see she is passionate with dogs. and i can't wait to meet her baby Oreo too!!! so cute looking at those picture she showed her *awww*.

glad to know that MackYap is finally in a relationship!!! so happy for her..:) stay sweet with Liang Yit..:) thanks for asking for this meetup girls. definitely more than happy to plan another meet up again and hopefully the next time AhFun would be able to join us.

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