national day weekend

Monday, August 31, 2015

it was indeed a long weekend. was busy with works that i was not aware there will be a long three days holiday coming ahead. if i am to aware about it i might plan to go back home rather than staying in KL alone *:(* 

i had nowhere to go on the Saturday and Sunday because mummy and daddy warned me earlier about the Bersih 4.0 rally. plus the meeting point is freaking near my house so kinda "grounded" for the two days *bored me to death man!!!*. spent most of the time in my room watching drama and managed to finish whole drama series of Tiger Cubs II.

who know the rally turned out to be so peaceful regardless of the huge number of protesters there *if i have kaki to go for the rally i might consider going too*.

until Monday *which is today* Alan asked me out and no way i am rejected because i do not want to spend another day in my room watching drama again *though laying on the bed is quite comfy..LOLOL*. insisted that i want to watch Inside Out *been desperately wanted to watch this movie ever since i saw the trailer*. he does not really watch cartoon though but he got no choice *hahaha*.

we wanted to go Sunway Pyramid at first but knowing the parking rate is a little too pricey, and i am not familiar with that area, we then changed back to One Utama. we used to plan what to eat before we go out but this time we just randomly pick one. and we ended up at Franco.

Squid Ink Rice
with assorted seafood and Omu egg
price at RM23.80

i remembered Christelle recommended me to try this. so this is the first thing i ordered not thinking of the rest. was hesitated between pasta and rice but i decided to go for rice since she recommended this.

indeed this did not fail me. it is really good!! the texture is quite gooey, not too salty. but i kinda disappointed with the portion. i believe they can prepare a bigger portion with the price they charge *but probably the ink itself is expensive..i don't know*. make sure you stock some tissue papers when trying this. and drink plenty of water to wash away the ink stain on your lips and tongue and teeth *LOL*.

Lobster Bisque Pasta
slow cooked broth with spoonful of savory, rich soup base complemented with cheese and grilled tiger prawn
price at RM29.80

this is freaking good!!! the gravy is very thick and it has cheese cube in it, with very light taste of tiger prawn in it. and the pasta cooked perfectly. this is quite filling though.

Matcha Souffle
price at RM17.80

nothing special to me. plus i kinda expect me to be a little more sweeter.

so happy i finally watched Inside Out. i love the new idea in the movie. now i know how my little brain does its works *in a way much creative way* i may have an imaginary friend left in the long term memory too. *hahahaha*.

today's meetup is also for me to collect my camera's casing from Alan. asked him to help me buy these from Tao Bao because i freaking not know how to buy stuff from there *so stupid right*. anyway, i bought a baby pink casing with keychain as accessories. i actually bough a fur ball to hang on it too but realized the fur come off easily *wtf* so i keep it aside.

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