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Sunday, August 23, 2015

after one weekend passed, i'm meeting up with Christelle again. she texted me yesterday asking me a favor to accompany her for shopping. couldn't be any happier because i was the first person she thought of..:)

she decided on where to go for shopping and i decide on where to have our brunch. since she wanted to shop at Mid Valley so i decided to just have brunch nearby that area. and the first cafe that came across my mind would be Antipodean. plus Christelle never been there before so i think it would be good too for her to try out.

but i kinda forget that the place we are heading is actually Bangsar which means no parking. everyone know Bangsar's parking is always full and plenty of expensive cars park illegal almost every corner of that area. but again, i felt lucky enough because i managed to spot a car coming out when i was just driving around the same area for only the second time *hmm whenever Christelle's in the car looking for parking becomes easier..probably she's lucky not me..LOL*.

as usual, Antipodean is all packed with people. we only managed to get a small table for ourselves. barely able to put more if we were to order another plate. Christelle had All Day Breakfast, but we remember we ordered Big Breakfast, the one that comes with the baked beans *no idea why but we didn't complain since they're all busy*. i ordered Egg Benedict with Salmon which i actually tried before *no idea again why the heck i order something i've tried before*..-_-

anyway, thanks Christelle for the brunch..:)

we then headed to Mid Valley to begin our shopping *her shopping*. she wanted to get shirts and a laptop backpack for the boyfriend. we first looked for shirts first since it's like the easiest one to look for because almost all outlets sell clothes right. it might be easy for me to look for one *probably a few too* but apparently it was like the toughest task for her. she with her a bit aunty taste only look for plain *very plain* kind of shirts. she doesn't like those shirts with tiny elements on it which is the trend nowadays where you can easily find them in almost all the outlets. 

we walked and entered probably all the outlets in the mall and yet she couldn't get to even buy one shirt. she finally gave up and decided to just ask the boyfriend to choose himself when they meet in Malacca next week.. *LOL*

we were so tired we just want to grab a seat and rest before we continued to look for laptop backpack. ended up at Starbucks and drinks were on me..:)

only managed to think of hypermarkets to look for backpack. we went and searched for AEON and Metrojaya. the choices are rather limited and disappointing though. there was one good looking one from Polo Club but it costs almost RM400 *totally out of budget*. and the rest seemed to look ordinary and kinda small in size too.

in the end, she gave up totally. and brought home some groceries *LOL*.

mission failed though, but glad we are able to spend time together.

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