of lilac sweetness

Monday, August 10, 2015

baby was here during the weekend *nah he actually traveled here just to pay me a visit*. i'm glad that he made some effort to want to see me, since it has been almost one month not being able to see and hold each other. i was pretty excited when he told me that he decided to take the Saturday afternoon bus up to KL. it was a little last minute though so it was rather difficult to get him a place-to-stay nearby my home. i was searching for almost all the budget hotels nearby but there was none *sob*. and i only managed to book for one that is somewhat considered clean yet budget but it the location is pretty congested so i booked it just for the sake of my last resort. but the last resort turned out to be the only hotel i managed to find *so no choice ><*.

not sure if my excitement had actually made me feel a little impatient knowing that he is not here yet. i kept staring at the time looking forward to receive a phone call from him telling me that he has reached. and only to hear from him almost four hours later *omg fucking long journey!!!*

checked in the hotel the moment i've picked him up from the monorail station. baby was not very happy with the location of the hotel though because it's a little dark and there were few Indians wandering at the area *but the hotel is super nice considering it as a three stars hotel*. baby worried when the night falls and i need to drive home alone because it's dangerous there. plus i would need to go through a long massive jams along the Little India street before i can safely reach home.

so baby decided himself that he will drop me back home. and he will walk back to his hotel from my house. i did not agree with him at first because it was raining quite heavily when we were having supper at Bangsar McDonalds. i worried that it might be raining again when he is walking back. and he on his mind was worrying about my safety too. *so he won in the end..just couldn't quarrel further*.

called baby the next morning to make sure he is awake to open the room door for me. if he doesn't i would have to ask the receptionist to open for me since the room is booked under my name. thank god he answered my call after a few times. baby said he was already wide awake at about 5.30am but he went out and do something *smirk face*. asked him what fishy thing he did that he has to wake up so early and all he answered was "you'll know when you're here".

reached his room to find a lilac bouquet standing on the dressing table. i was surprised but feeling more curious than ever. kept bugging him if he had done something wrong *or betrayed me*. baby said i worried too much *LOL*

seriously i have not receive any bouquet from him since forever. no idea why he was being randomly sweet that morning. baby said he wanted to get me a bigger bouquet but he doesn't have that much money so he only get me three stalks. though it's just a small bouquet i can feel the sincerity and sweetness from him already. i do not demand anything fancy or expensive. this is just perfect enough :)

checked out in the afternoon and we spent the day outside. we went to a few places that i searched for baby to rent, and baby also bring me to his new workplace. everything seems a little unclear because baby's job has to put on hold first until he found a place to stay here. which is why i've been trying to search for one through iProperty, but all i could find are all house unit which are way much affordable than renting a room, which cost almost equally the same as renting a whole unit. and baby also brought me to a beautiful pond *it happened to be beautiful* with all the purple blooms floating on the water surface.

and then we headed back my home to rest after getting baby's bus ticker from Pekeliling station. and sent him off at 6.30pm on Sunday evening :(

there is always a struggle when sending him off because it simply means we have to be apart again. i just hope there wouldn't be a day that i have to send him off anymore after this time.

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