unplanned surprise

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

i wasn't aware that today is actually AhYi's birthday because i only remember Jo's birthday falls on the actual day of the Ghost Festival which is tomorrow. well Juee wasn't aware of her mom's birthday too *so why would i feel guilty right*. she totally forget about it and even bought movie tickets to catch movie with the boyfriend *if i'm her mom i would feel a little disappointed?..oopps..no comment* 

she was bugging me the whole day today asking me for opinion to do this and do that for tonight. eventually i got involved in her birthday surprise plan to. and in the end we both were discussing how to give a surprise to her mom..-_- since Jo is not able to celebrate her birthday tomorrow *cause of Ghost Festival* i guess might as well we do both celebration together right.

initial plan was just to surprise them with a cake. so Juee got Siong to buy the cake from Mid Valley during lunch hour. and i will be picking Siong from Mid Valley after work. not long after that Juee's dad wanted to get pizzas as well but demanded Juee to buy instead. since AhPo is cooking diiner for everyone, it would be tricky tell her not to cook and a the same time not letting AhYi to find out as well because AhYi would definitely help AhPo to do the cooking too. 

plan changed a little. we need to get home with everything *food and cake* before AhYi starts helping in the kitchen. so buying pizzas turned out to be my task, since there is a PHD nearby my workplace here. and i had to call AhPo to tell her not to cook tonight *and warn her not to tell AhYi anything..wtf*. and also assign Krysty to go to AhPo pretend to help out Ahpo so that AhYi wouldn't go up already. 

reached PHD only to find that their menu is totally different from Pizza Hut. i couldn't get to get the Family Set that Juee wants. called her immediately to buy from Mid Valley instead, and get Siong to collect the cake. while i started driving back KL from Putrajaya.

reaching KL and Juee called me "MidValley don't have Pizza Hut wan lerr. no Domino too. only Tino" *wtf?!* we couldn't figure out what to do. if i were to turn to Kuchai to buy i might not be able to get out from there on time due to the jams. in the end we just decided to just go for KFC *LOL*

turned out, we reached home kinda late, so our plan kinda failed in the end. but efforts count right..:)


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