a day trip to malacca

Sunday, September 13, 2015

i got a random call from MackYap on Thursday when i was actually on my way back to office from site. hesitated to answer her call at first because i thought she might be calling the wrong person, liked what she did the previous time where she was supposed to call another colleague of her whom also named "Emily". thought this time was merely she calling the wrong person again. but reflex action made me swiped to answer the call. but this time she was really looking for me *LOL*

she invited Christelle and me for a day trip to Malacca. we did mentioned about planning on a trip there the previous time we met up. but no one made the initiative to plan anything and eventually it slipped through my mind. this time the intention is still the same, that we are going to Huskitory. and yes!! we are going Malacca!!..:)

had some difficulties in planning transportation at first. by right MackYap offered to come down from Kajang and pick up Christelle and me before driving up to Malacca. and Christelle suddenly told us that she want to stay a night in Malacca and only to come back on the next day. but. i was okie at first *since i wouldn't be driving anyway* until 2Jie complained about travelling down to KL from Kajang and going back up to Kajang with Oreo in the car would be extra troublesome. so the only alternative would be us both go all the way to MackYap's house. since Christelle already planned to stay a night with Nelton, it turned out that i have to drive home alone at night which is freaking far..>< 

dare not ask Christelle to come back with me because i know she wanted to meet her boyfriend very much that she decided to stay a night there. but thank god Christelle is thoughtful enough she decided to come back with us so that i would have a company driving back KL at night *thanks PauPing!!!* ..:)

initial planning was to bring 2Jie's Husky, Oreo there to meet some Husky friends. i was very excited because i never try travelling with a dog in a car. but until i meet Oreo for the first time, i sort of doubt if we could even make it out of Selangor. Oreo got very very superb excited and somewhat aggressive the moment she saw us both, and just never stop..>< 

at first 2Jie insisted that Oreo must come with us, and assured that she can control him. there were five of us in the car and an overly excited Husky. not sure is it because he saw strangers so he got extra sugar rushed and kept want to play. he was jumping and scratching and did everything *except sitting calmly* every second!! 2Jie got really fed up but she did not say anything about sending Oreo home. until MackYap turned back home because she left her wallet, and 2Jie finally gave up with Oreo. 

i felt so painful for her because she got scratches all over her laps..>< but i could sensed 2Jie was very disappointed that she couldn't take Oreo along. to make her feel better, we assured her that we can plan to go again when Oreo is well behaved. 

everyone was feeling very hungry and kept hoping we could reach as soon as possible. whole journey we were teasing over the semi-Malacca-PR that she needs to bring us to all the places we wanted to go in order to be qualify to be Malacca's daugther-in-law *LOL* apparently she took it very seriously as though she is taking an exam. she was so stressed till an extent she even texted Nelton to ask if she is giving the correct direction *hahahaha..probably somebody is desperately want to be Malacca PR*

first thing off!!! breakfast!!! because all of us were starving like nobody business!!! Christelle brought us to a dim sum restaurant *which i don't know where* the dim sum are somewhat reasonable to me. we took plates and plates of dim sum non-stop as though we never eat for ages..:D

after breakfast *brunch* we drove all the way to town because we still have plenty of time to our booking with Huskitory. parked our car near Jonker Street and we strolled there. walked all the way to A-Famosa and up to St. Paul Monument and down to the ship and windmill. 

so much walking that we got so thirsty. and we decided to grab something to drink and a place to sit. walked back to Jonker Street because there is where all the food i requested are at. wanted to try the chicken rice ball so much but the queue was so terrible!!! so my Plan B was to try out the Laksa Kahwin at Jonker88. for god sake the queue is not much different too. at least we queued indoor all the way to the back of the restaurant. the small restaurant was fully jammed packed with human!!! two of us queue to buy food and the three wait for a place to sit.

i believed many had tried out Jonker88. i actually never know about this place though i've been to Malacca a few times until i saw it on Facebook few days back. never know there is such thing as "Laksa Kahwin". it is basically a combination of "Nyonya Laksa" and "Baba Laksa". something worth the queue i guess because it's really good. not to forget their signature "Baba Cendol". so in love with their thick "gula melaka" i wished i had the time to queue for another bowl *i swear!!!* 

moving on before we leave Jonker Street, also got ourselves the famous durian puff. another big regret i only bought one to try it out because it is really freaking delicious!!! the durian paste is no joke man!!! bite on the puff and the durian paste oozing out *yummmmsss!!!*

needed to get some "souvenirs" back as well, so Christelle bought us to Baba Charlie to get some Nyonya kuih. so much kuih i almost couldn't decide which one to buy. in the end i managed to get some Nyonya dumplings *it's a must to buy* and some "ang ku kueh" and also a pack of "gula melaka".

and then all the way to Huskitory!!! we booked a two hours session in there. with much regret to say that the big Huskies are all not available because they were all brought for blood test so the owner couldn't let them out to play with the customers..:(

we were only greeted with small breed-ed dogs like a baby Pomeranian, a baby Golden Retriever, and a baby Husky, and some other doggies visitors brought.

each person is compulsory to order minimum one food or drink from the menu in order to stay in there *brilliant marketing strategy huh*. and the cheapest on the menu also cost RM7.50. we did witnessed some walked-in visitors and they were asked to leave because they did not make any appointment. felt so lucky we actually did some survey first before coming over..:o

Nelton came over not long after that, and thank you for paying the bill..:)

well, we only get to meet a Husky, a baby Husky *LOL*. he is pretty much over active and refused to let anyone carry him. none of us could but this 2Jie very determined she stalked his every move and tried snatched him whenever there is a chance. didn't last long but at least *good try 2Jie!!!*

meet FiFi and SiSi the Corgi!!! *omg!!! mad love with Corgi!!!*. the baby Husky was very bully-ish towards FiFi for no reason. he just couldn't let FiFi sit or stand long at one position. he has to come over and interrupt her. also he likes to bite and play with FiFi's chain. and he will follow FiFi wherever she goes *hahahaha*

the superb fatty bump bump baby Golden Retriever. he couldn't sit still for a picture too. he would crawl to the table because there was food and would crawl to the back where all the cushions were. luckily i brought my camera along. definitely needed a faster shutter to snap picture with this bump bump..:p

and not to forget my favourite of all, baby Pomeranian, Xiao Bai *she's the only puppy with name..wttf*. we were the perfect match of the day because so coincident i was in white too. she is very very gentle and fragile. i love hugging her in my arms because she is a bit "manja" so quite easy to handle..:) we seemed to fall in love with each other *LOLOLOL*. baby said she's very cute too.

two hours is definitely not enough. shall come back with Oreo next time. and i foresee there will be more dogs coming to us if we have a dog with us. *finger crossed*

we started our journey back KL in the evening. we had dinner at Sushi Mentai and sent Chritelle home and finally back to my home..:)

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