bday gang getaway | dusuntara | day 1

Monday, September 21, 2015

it has been very very long since i last meet up with the gang. ever since everyone started with their own careers we barely get to hang out with each other liked we used to when we were still living in Kuantan. everyone is very very busy coping with the fast pace adult lives whereby we work day and night, and our only time to be at home would probably during sleeping hours. i have to admit that my time is pretty occupied with works since October last year. plus we are quite "scattered around now", that not everyone is staying in the same state, making meeting up seems rather impossible to arrange. our only source of communication would probably be one and only greatest invention of WhatsApp.

i'm so glad Elaine finally took the first step to come out with forest retreat else there wouldn't be any trip for us for two years!!! *because no one actually want to plan for one* we initially agreed to go for Sekeping Serendah but we couldn't get to book for the dates we want *because Grace and ShuYing already booked their flight tickets*. so we ended up coming to Dusuntara. 

Dusuntara Jungle Retreat
Address: No1, Dusun Drive, Batang Kali Estate | Kg. Sungei Kamin, Batang Kali 48300, Malaysia  Phone (Call Only): Kamal +6019-318-4189 or Hawa +6012-211-4189.  
Whatsapp Inquiries: +6016-2164189  
Contact via Email:

we had a three days two night retreats here, no catching up with any plan or schedule or anything. just be here to enjoy each other's company..:) 

we went there in three cars, parked our cars at Econsave and the owner Mr.Kamal came to pick us up from there with his 4x4. it was very deep into the jungle don't think ordinary cars can go through those bumpy tracks. we were lucky that no other visitor came on the days we were here so we basically had everything here to ourselves. the place is not big but definitely more than enough for us to hang around. we were arranged to stay side by side in two chalets. and the best spot of all would definitely be the swimming pool which come with Jacuzzi!!! *heaven!!!*

food is provided on our first day here, both lunch and dinner. so we can actually enjoy ourselves more because the girls didn't need to cook at all. *LOL!!!* we had nasi briyani for lunch, and then we spent the whole evening at the pool playing with water and non-stop snapping. i thank god the water level reached up to my neck *wtf* and not sinking *WTF!!!* 

dinner on the first night was yummy lamb shank, and at the buffet counter we were served with additional fried bihun, garlic breads, and honey dew. i must say the lamb shank was really very tender and portion wise very generous..:) couldn't finish up the whole lamb i had to gave some to baby.

there was hi-fi at our dining area as well. but all the song options were all oldies but we still managed to sing a few songs there. had to leave the lights off because bugs and insects were everywhere!!! couldn't stay there too long because the girls were screaming our lungs out so we decided to move our snacks and drinks to our chalet. 

we had a simple birthday celebration for Siak as well because it was his birthday that day. bought a BR cake and we just ate it spoons by spoons *so*. Happy Birthday Siak!!! sorry this is the only best shot i could snap..><

then we spent our night chatting and playing Bingo and drinking and snacking and watched movie. i guess all of us are so old we couldn't last till midnight. most of us fell asleep watching not even half of the movie, and decided to dismiss. that end our first day here.

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