bday gang getaway | dusuntara | day 2

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

read our first day retreat here

our first meal on the second day was prepared by the owner too. somewhat variety to me. we had sausages, eggs, porridge and toast breads, and coffee and tea. i love the ginger tea *though it's instant one*. wanted to get back this tea but i couldn't recall the brand nor the packaging at all..><

after breakfast we paid a visit to the owner's villa but the truth was that we actually wanted to see their Rottweilers *LOL!!!* the couple have two Rottweilers and one of them was really fierce he barked like nobody business. but it lasted only a while and then he gave up barking and don't even give a damn to us when we tried whistled at him..-_-

they have a very beautiful villa with a huge balcony overlooking a wide view of greenery. the house's interior is nice too with a huge fireplace and fountain but definitely not my kind of dream home decoration.

then we begun our so called "jungle trekking" mission to look for the waterfall. none of us were equipped to trek at all *except Keong and Siak* because we were all in our flip flops and sandals *wtf*. it was indeed a very torturing journey because it's freaking far away and the scorching sun was so unbearable. plus trekking with flip flops on the muddy and bumpy roads really hurt. i think i slipped a few times but thank god i had him holding me all the time..:)  

i think we walked for a bout 45 minutes to our destination? and in the end it was superb disappointing!!! we came to a river and we were not sure if this river is the so called "waterfall" defined by the owner. Keong walked further up to check it out and he came back telling us "nothing to see in front"..-_- so i guess this is the waterfall we came for *tadaaaa..-_-!!!* 

suddenly felt that we got cheated by the owner. he told us the waterfall is small *yes..really SMALL* but very beautiful *really..-_-???* nothing interest us at all besides getting to dip our sore feet into the chilling mountain water, and then we had to spend another 45 minutes walking bringing back just a few shots of this "waterfall" with us.

we took turns to take a quick shower and came up to the kitchen to prepare for our lunch. totally enjoyed the moment because it was the gang cooking together. just us. while the boyfriends *Elaine's and mine* sleeping soundly in the chalet. so much laughter from preparing a simple spaghetti meal..:)

on the lunch menu we have Bolognaise Spaghetti with extra cheese prepared by the Bday Gang..:)

everyone got so tired after a filling lunch. some went back to chalet to sleep. while Keong and HongCheet and Esther stayed through the day at the dining area singing karaoke. HongCheet brought his laptop up and transferred some songs to the hi-fi player and the guys sang the whole afternoon. baby and me got ourselves dipped into the cooling pool for about half an hour before heading back to shower and take a short nap.

by 6pm everyone was back at the dining area and preparing for the BBQ!!! i was a little disappointed though. i thought we can actually do our BBQ next to the pool. they have the BBQ stove that uses charcoal but there was not any charcoal prepared for us. in the end we had to use another BBQ stove that runs with gas in the kitchen. a little troublesome because we couldn't get to BBQ the old school way *if you know what i mean*. we had to cook everything in the kitchen first and then bring to the dining area to eat, which doesn't seems like BBQ to me at all.

and since there wasn't much space to occupy everyone in front of the BBQ stove, the guys decided to take over job and they conquered the stove NAKED *hahaha..except HongCheet*. while the girls chilled and chatted like a lady boss..:D 

the guys barbecue-ed the meat like a pro but the food turned out a little tasteless. i guess because the marinating is not long enough. but still taste good because it was all cooked with love..:) 

there wasn't much bugs flying around that night, so we decided to stay a little longer there. some of us even got ourselves changed and dived into the pool with our beer *aaahhh..heaven!!!* we even played chasing like kidos in the pool *wtf,.but who cares* 

while some stayed dry and played with cards. Keong was so unlucky he kept losing in the Killer game with HongCheet, Esther and baby. loser was punished to finish up one glass of water, i think he drank few glasses for few consecutive rounds *LOL*.

we had lots of food left from the BBQ. brought the food back to the chalet. and we took turns to shower and we chatted and snacked and drank for the night. and that ended our second day.

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