bday gang getaway | dusuntara | day 3

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

read our first day retreat here and second day retreat here

and it was the last day here at Dusuntara. the girls were supposed to get up to prepare breakfast, but i guess everyone was up way earlier before and everyone was cooking their own breakfast already. so we we decided to just cook whatever we want since some of us were already eating and some were cooking some other food already.

just the last couple of hours here enjoying the view and each other before we headed back to the chalet to shower and pack our stuffs.

our band 5 representative *whom embarrassingly wrote hospitability instead of hospitality..LOL* to write a few words of appreciation to Mr. Kamal and Mrs. Hawa. and each of us signed on the book too. and not forgetting an instant-print photo for them as well.

good time do fly extra fast. i'm glad all of us made it for this trip. i'm glad we had this short yet meaningful gathering together. and i hope we can do it at least once a year. i enjoy this getaway with all of you very very much. and i love all of you!!!..:D

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