mid-auntum weekend

Sunday, September 27, 2015

my whole family was here for the weekend because there was an extra one day off on Thursday. they took another day off on Friday and that made up a four days long holiday throughout the weekend..:)

me on the other hand still have to drag myself up on the Friday morning to work. did not really bother to get a day off though since there is nothing much to do at home, with cousins all to school and work as usual, with the brother decided to head out dating rather than staying home. so probably leaving the adults at home chatting and napping over the day.

anyway, insisted mummy to cook for dinner because i missed my mummy's cooking!!!..:D

also a random movie night out with the cousins since all the brothers and sisters get to gather together. we watched Everest. apparently the story line is not really not bad, and never know it is actually a true story until the end of the movie..><

it was pre-mid-autumn on the Saturday. all of us had dinner outside with the Woon's side family. i followed the Woon cousins back to their grandmother's house because daddy had to send Stephanie and Thomas home and the car cannot fit all of us in. so i had to sacrifice myself *lol..wtf*

anyway, managed to play with candles and lanterns at AhZho's place before heading home.

we brought all the lanterns and un-burnt candles home and we started decorating PoPo's balcony with them. and with whole lots of candles along the balcony's hand grip *so pretty!!!..and warm*

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