Nuffnang Premiere Screening - Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Thursday, September 10, 2015

finally!!! come to the day to watch my long awaited movie of the year!!! been looking forward for its Chapter 2 right after i've watched Chapter 1 last year. and very grateful to be able to be the few to get to watch premiere screening of this movie. it has been few months since i got an invitation to a premiere screening because i have been very lacking in updating my blog..><

Chapter 2 begins right after the Gladers successfully escaped from The Maze. They were brought to a base by the rescuers. running towards the base they were attacked by tons and tons of zombie-like people that have been affected by a plague known as "Flare".

upon reaching the base, they were greeted by Janson *first glance already guess this man is up to no good* and were led to his so called "new life" where there is no suffocating life anymore. beyond the "new life" door, they were united with the rest of the survivors of The Maze from other groups. not only that, they have proper meals, proper place to stay, and no fear or worries anymore. some of them really thought things are finally coming to an end where they can finally enjoy lives. but Thomas still finds it very fishy and weird.

knowing from other survivors, there will be a number of the survivors' names being called up by Janson everyday. these people will then being led to other places. according to one of them, to some sort of farm. Thomas would want to find out what is actually happening because they are not allowed to go anywhere except the eating hall and their respective bunkers. in additional that Teresa has been missing since their checkup when they first arrived. 

Aris noticed Thomas has the same doubt as he is. one night he tried to sneaked into Thomas's bunker when everyone is soundly asleep *except Thomas of course*, and convinced him to follow him. they saw bodies being carried into a room, and according to Aris, they never come out from there anymore.

Thomas sensed something is not right he insisted on having a look at the room. he stole an access card from one of a guard there, and they managed to sneak into the room. there, they saw plenty of bodies hung alive and connected with some sort of hoses. only to realized these people are actually the few being called up by Janson everyday. 

in the room, they also overheard the conversation between Janson and Dr.Paige. these people were not sent for a new life, instead they all have become an experimental subject of the WICKED, in the effort to find the cure for the Flare. immediately after the conference, Janson insisted of taking the Thomas and his friends for their next experimental subjects.

Thomas and Aris managed to get them out in time, before Janson and his people attack. they ran and ran and finally lost from the WICKED, where they came to a place filled with Cranks. these Cranks are awaken and bit one of the survivor. they thought they were all immune but seeing the death of their friend, probably none of them are immune too.

not thinking much and with only one aim to travel to the mountain to look for the Right Arm.

they find a city, but encounter a storm that almost got Minho killed *thank god he's alive*. they take refuge in a building where they find a group of Cranks led by a man named Jorge. 

Thomas convinces Jorge and a teenage girl named Brenda, his second-in-command, to help the them escape in exchange for some of the cure. Jorge found out they are survivors running out of the WICKED thus finding them very "valuable". 

Jorge finally agreed but first they will need to look for Marcus, whom supposed to know the Right Arm's location. Thomas and Brenda got separated from the group when Janson sent a troop of people to attack Jorge's place. they managed to escape with the help of Brenda but they had to go through a tunner whereby the fully transformed Cranks live. 

it is very dark in there barely able to see and out of a sudden they were chased by a group of Cranks. Brenda accidentally got a scratch from a Crank which means she is transforming into on of them in no time because she is not immune. 

Thomas and Brenda then came to another city. in search of Marcus and his group of friends, they were forced to drink some kind of drug, but before they pass out, Brenda tries to kiss Thomas. he refuses her advances. Minho rescues them with the help of the other Gladers, and when Thomas is finally conscious, he find himself safe with the rest of the Gladers and Jorge and Brenda.

Jorge caught Marcus and questioned him on how to get to the Right Arm.

Aris met with two of his survivors from The Maze, and apparently they are part of the Right Arm. they were brought to the Right Arm's base where everyone there is believed to be immune from Flare. Brenda was in the process of transformation and she is been chased out of the village immediately. 

with the help from Mary Cooper, she uses Thomas blood to cure Brenda. and from there, Thomas finally understand why everyone is aiming to want him so badly. all because he is immune. same goes to the rest of the people in the village. WICKED wanted them because they are all immune.

just when Thomas thought things are finally coming to a halt, Teresa betrayed the group and contacted the WICKED on the whereabouts. this Teresa is one up to no good too. her memory is gradually recovered since she was detained by the WICKED at the beginning of the story. she is part of the WICKED so she supported WICKED when her memory is back.

WICKED threw a sudden attack to the village and all the Right Arms were caught back to the laboratory.

thanks to Thomas's bravery, most of them were safe. but Minho got electrocuted and he was the only one caught by WICKED. Teresa followed Dr. Paige back and continue to serve the WICKED i guess.

Thomas aimed to save Minho. obviously there will be Chapter 3 next year!!! and i can't wait to see their adventures back to the WICKED laboratory!!!

thank you Nuffnang for the premiere screening. i look forward for more premiere screening in the future. and thanks for featuring me on Nuffnang Instagram too..:)

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