occupied weekend

Monday, September 07, 2015

did not expect my last weekend can be so occupied. i was expecting myself to be locking in the room whole day watching drama till i fall asleep. until Juee came and asked me if i wanted to go for FOS Clearance Sales when i was doing my Saturday routine *laundry and cleaning my room*. we hesitated to go out at first because there will be Ghost Festival prayers going on on the street on the Saturday night so there wouldn't be any parking available anymore if we were to move our car. but we wanted to go so much so we just go ahead *wtf*.

was not expecting to get anything at first because we thought it would somewhat be like the C&K Warehouse Sales we went before. when we got there, quite disappointed though because the sales was just a small one. 

their sales goes like this "50% off when you spend RM100 an above". which means when you actually bought RM100 you only need to pay RM50; RM200 you only pay RM100; etc. it's like 50% off total bill. it was so fucking cheap!!! and all the items price range from RM5 to only RM20 maximum. 

we gone mad getting all the shorts which cost RM20 for a piece. Took five and we already entitled for 50% off total bill. which means our pants only cost like RM10 a piece *wtf?!*. and there were so much more than i expected we could get!!! we also send pictures to our mums when we found shirts that are suitable for them aunties because it was only RM7.50?! in the end we bought almost 30 pieces of apparels but i only swiped RM205.50 *wtf!!!*

and then baby decided to make a last minute decision to come over. he did planned to come days before but we had an argument night before and then hasn't been calling me on Saturday so i thought he won't be coming already. but in the end he told me he's buying bus ticket to come over *anger no more..wtf!!* 

it was so last minute and i was still outside, i wasn't in time to get to book any hotel for him. Juee and Jowyn suggested that i should just ask AhPo's permission to let him stay a night with us, since he did stayed before, and they don't think AhPo will reject. so i took the courage to ask her when i got home. and her response was kind of disappointing "your room ma..you like lor" sounded a bit forceful. but Juee said don't care since she already said "OK" *indirectly*. no choice so he is staying with me. good thing too because hotel rate nowadays is so freaking expensive. if he is to come often it would be very pricey. since AhPo allowed for this time, i'm sure she's alright for the next time..:) *just hope for more positive yes from her next time*

had him cuddle me to sleep and to wake up next to him is like the best feeling ever. i wish we could have more chances like this then i wouldn't need to worry about insecurity anymore. thanks for coming even though it was just a night. see you soon baby boy.

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