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Thursday, September 24, 2015

this man tagged along with me to my gang's getaway. i thank god i had him with me because he is like the one whom never afraid of anything, as in ANYTHING. 

he accompanied me whenever i want to go down the pool to ensure my safety. he cooked for me whenever i feel hungry, rather than me doing the cooking myself. he held me tight through the whole journey of jungle trekking ensuring that i do not slip or fall. i recalled on the second night where i was taking my shower and not realizing it was 10pm and the generator was supposed to switch during that time and *poof* the whole place was blackout!!! i screamed my lungs out in the shower screaming for him. he rushed into the bathroom to ensure that i am okie. i thank god he accompanied me back to chalet to shower everytime rather than me alone in the chalet..:)

one hour drive back to KL and upon reaching home i had whole loads of laundry to do. while he was all tired asleep, i was busy doing house chores. washing the clothes and hanging them. and cleaned my puff as well. 

we had dinner outside since i did not inform PoPo that he will be staying extra one night with me. so i did not want to tell her to cook his dinner last minute. my man wanted his favourite "bak kut teh" so we went all the way to Kota Damansara for his favourite dry "bak kut teh" and my dry "chicken liquor"..*yummss*

and "guai ling gao" as dessert after a few days of hot weather and heaty food..:)

we went to bed early that night because we were all exhausted. i need to head back to work the next day after sending him off to the station and he head back to his hometown from there.

thank you baby boo. i know you try hard to get along with my friends and you did well..:) i see you soon alright..i love you

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