almost the end of 2015

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

has not been blogging for two months. life has been pretty much the same everyday. i wouldn't say there is no special things happen for these past two months. but i guess i would not be tracking back the backlogs so much because i sort lost track of time already.

i have been pretty occupied with works since the mid of October. i was asked to go back into AG to prepare for the first cycle of the load test project. been somewhat working from eight till seven almost everyday, and all i left for myself would probably be the few hours of sleeps. working and dealing with things all by myself is definitely not fun, what to say i was rushing with time. but i am glad i am now in the "hibernate" state before the next cycle takes place in a month time.

besides works, i think there is not much i could remember. spending most of the time alone during the weekends, thus watching drama and sleeping are the best thing to do in the room. not forgetting i have lost my baby girl last month, and i am still blaming myself for this to happen. i hope she is doing well on the other side..:(

well, not to forget about him. been in a long distance relationships for months now. he has yet to get a job here. we are still staying far apart from each other. what worse is that we barely even talk on the phone for quite some time now. thinking that he has the time of his own, with no plan ahead, he is probably spending days in his slumberland. there is not much i could do because he is not even with the device (probably the only source of communication for us).

i hope things get better a little, at least something happy to remember before the year comes to an end. it is the most joyful month of the year. i hope we can at least spend the Christmas togeher.

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