dear QQ...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

something happened on the 16th November 2015, that i lost my baby girl QQ since then. i blame myself so much for her lost. for not looking and watching over her carefully. and now that she is gone, far away from me. forever. i still recalling the last scene with her almost every night before falling asleep, trying to figure out all possibilities of her loss. only if i could turn back time.

today marks exactly one month without her. i decided to write a letter to her here, everything that i will want to tell her when she is still with me.

dear QQ,

you will always aware when it is the time for your favourite, cheese. every morning, you will sart biting on your cage when you saw mommy coming out from the room, as though telling mommy "time for cheese!!!", and mommy will need to repeat and repeat "yes hamster, mommy clean your food first" as you continue to bite and bite.

there is no need to call you out to reach for your slice of cheese. whenever mommy has your cage's door open and hanky laid on, you will immediately crawl out happily sitting on your hanky until you have your cheese in hands and then you will enjoy nomming at all the way, while mommy pats on your little head but you will never get annoyed. mommy will then offer you my hand. you will then crawl onto mommy's palm for countless pats and lovey dovey "i love you"..:') 

and then comes the time for breakfast. mommy will remember how picky you are, refusing to eat the same type of vegetable for not more than three days. except for your favourite corn. you can eat them for days and only eating the endosperm leaving the outer skin behind. and when you are bored with the same vegetables you would dig everything out from your food bowl, but still refusing to eat until you get too hungry and the vegetables are the only option you have..:')

not to forget how everyone love and *aaawwww* at the way you drink from your water bottle. where you will lean against the curvy edge, with you little feet wide open, and your hands put together as though you are giving prayers like that. and then your little mouth will start sipping non-stop for minutes. how everyone thought this hamster is praying thanking god for the water..:')

you are always eager to explore and would always bug mommy by biting on the cage to alert me that you want to come out. you will always jump your way out of mommy's supervision and crawl around the living room. and you would stop when there is cloths on the floor and then start biting them. but your favourite spot would always be that corner right behind your cage. you fall asleep easily there once you put yourself into your comfy position. and mommy would sit there for as long as possible watching over you letting you enjoy your nap on the cooling tiles..:')

as you get older, coming out to play seems to be something out of your to-do-list. sometimes mommy fails to convince you out to play. you would prefer sleeping on your wheel. mommy enjoy watching how funny you were when mommy tried whispering your name when you are sleeping. there were also times where we happened to see your little hands and feet moving aggressively in your sleep. you might be chasing your chase in your slumberland..:')

every saturday would be your bath time. mommy remember how you hate being put into the little blue tong while mommy wash your dirty cage. you would jump and jump and jump like nobody business like an angry hamster. but you enjoy your bath time so much you sit quietly in mommy's palm while mommy gently scrub your body, your little hands and feet too. and then you would lay and enjoy when mommy drying you in the hanky. but you get all grumpy again when mommy put you back in the cage and you have to dry yourself. but you will be all comfy and happy again once you are completely dry..:')

i know i would still have a long time with you if i have not lost you. but due to my carelessness, i only had spent 625 days with you. i hope you are doing good on the other side. i hope you have plenty of cheese to nom on there *and corn too*. i hope there are wheels for you to run on so that you can eat more cheese for days to come. i hope you are as fluffy as you are. 

i miss you a lot baby girl. no other hamster pet could ever replace you in my heart, and i know i will never want to get one anymore. rest in peace puffy puff..;')

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