Merry Christmas..Not

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas has always been everyone's favourite time of the year *except Malays i guess* because everything is so pretty and so joyful and so..romantic *yes~!*. for someone who spent 24 years in a small town *i mean me obviously*, christmas is nothing special and not as pretty as what i used to see on TVs for all i see was an ordinary christmas tree in the middle of the mall. so i did not exactly give a damn to christmas last time..:p

however, since i moved to KL about two years back, i realized this jolly season is very much more than just a christmas tree. even if it is just a christmas tree, it looks gigantically huge and superbly beautiful in KL. i started to love christmas. i love how things become so beautiful and happy to be around with *except the crowds*.  

we never exactly spend this lovely day together before. we used to just texting each other "Merry Christmas" and that was it. but this time round, i would want to go everywhere to snap pictures with him with all the pretty xmas decorations. i want to spend this day together with him. still it remained something "i wished" till this year because mummy is around this time, thus he couldn't stay over with me. but i am grateful he made the effort to come over a week before to do what couples do during Christmas..but in a slightly economic way *LOL!!!*.

the snow fall event at Pavillion is one of the event i wanted to go so much ever since i found out its existence *wtf!!*. though those are just fake snow made out of foam, but just imagining it made me feel happy. i missed the chance to go last year, but finally i made it this year!!! but the crowd was *holy cow!!!*. approaching the crowds made me think twice for a second *LOL!!!* but just couldn't resist the prettiness!!! now i know why everyone would want to come all the way here at least once. now that i have witnessed it with him, i am satisfied..:)

this year Pavillion has a christmas tree made of Swarovski crystals!!! how to resist??!!! it is indeed the prettiest christmas tree i have ever seen in my life!!! and i am glad to see it with him..:)

we had a simple dinner together, where we managed to get a really cheap deal from Groupon. nothing fancy nor expensive. but yummy and very filling..:) 

spending Christmas at iCity was one of my to-do-list as well. we couldn't make it the past years because of our distance and us staying far from each other. now things change slightly, we finally checked in to iCity. unfortunately, after visiting, this place turned out to be the top-3 "don't go" places for us in the near future. the admission fees for all the attractions there are so overrating!!! we just couldn't *and not willing* to throw so much just to go in there for a few minutes. i eventually gave up taking picture there. the parking fee itself was already a pain in the ass. not wanting to invest further. i do not mind going Pavillion again than to pay so much here *LOL!!!..auntiness strikes*.

well, that pretty much sums up my not-so-xmas-night with him. minimal amount of money spent but with overloaded happiness. very economic right?

Merry Christmas from KenEmily!!!

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