and i'm committed

Sunday, January 24, 2016

if you still recall i was in great dilemma days back then not knowing whether it is a go or no go. 

well, initial intention was just to get the cheapest one so that i am only tied to the bank for five years. i was pretty convinced on that at first. until the brother came, and he definitely had got his bibles well prepared to brain wash me to get one of a better quality. indirectly means, pricing wise would be much more higher than expected of course. and guess what, i buy!!!..-_-

was not thinking properly i would say. since i am now committed, pretty much mixed feeling right now. in few more days, i will be stepping into a brand new commitment. a commitment that i will sign to for the next nine years. i am really excited although there is a little fear in me. but i know i can make this work..:)

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