christelle's birthday

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

the forgetful me totally not keeping track on the date that i did not keep in mind about my best roommate's birthday. i somewhat be thankful to MackYap for sending a birthday text in our Whatsapp group which eventually reminded me of her birthday. texted her privately like instantly..>< asked her out for dinner as well. thank god she is free.

i foreseen we couldn't go far because it is peak hours and there will be massive traffics everywhere. i decided on ACME South at Bangsar Village which is the nearest and the least jam of all. but still it took us quite some time to get there. it was a random decision to go there so i wasn't sure the exact location of this restaurant at all. we were just trying an error walking in the mall but thank god it wasn't that far from where we parked our car. we went in from the inside entrance which is kind off not so visible compared to the main entrance at the outside.

i love the environment there. with christmas lights hanging everywhere, the restaurant feels dimmed yet cozy, and romantic. probably a good spot for couples to have candlelight dinner..:p

i've tried the food from their main outlet at Troika, and i find their food so so only. i don't recall if their menu is the same, but i think it's a "No". but comparing both outlets, i think i like the food here better. overall the food tasted not bad for me since i wasn't that hungry but i still managed to gulp clean my plate. just that i find the sliced onion fries a little too oily and i felt "jelak" eating too many.

Sloppy Joe @ RM25.00
a mouthwatering sloppy beef burger on own-made charcoal bread, pickled cabbage, onion string fries

Ramen Chicken Burger @ RM25.00
seasoned ramen bun, smoked BBQ chicken patty, rocket, pepper, fried egg, saute mushrooms and onion string fries

Sizzling Brownie with Milo Ice-cream @ RM19.00

Happy Birthday Christelle!!!

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