decision making

Saturday, January 09, 2016

no longer being a kid, i have come to a realization that there is more than wanting to grow up and being an adult. indeed, being an adult is so much harder than being a child. there were times where i once thought school lives are sucks to the max. sucks needing to rush for homework, assignments, classes and all. but come to think again, all these are just tiny little things that i complaint, and totally nothing compared to the real adult lives. 

as i grow older, there is so much more to it. to graduating from university, starting my first job, and still finding out of  i am landing myself on that "perfect job". basically in search of the person i want to be while earning enough to start paying bills and get my hands into commitments.stepping into the adult live made me realized that there are a lot of unforeseen decisions ahead of me. that i need to know i need to make up my mind before it gets too late. 

well, i am currently in dilemma whether to start a commitment where i will need to commit for the next seven years to come. yes, it is one of my to-do-list this year, but seriously when it really hit me i actually hesitated. there are so much more to think than just paying that figures. questions like "will i be able to survive after i take up this commitment?", "maintenance are expensive too", "what about annual road tax renewal", and the list goes on. 

there is excitement but also there is a little fear in me because it is definitely not going to be easy but i know sooner or later i will need to make things work and be committed.

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