elaine's birthday

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

when it comes to my close friends' birthdays, i would specially put some thoughts into making their birthdays worth remembering *if only i have enough time and creativity*. especially when it comes to the birthday of this best-est friend of mine. i could hardly forget her birthday, maybe a simple birthday text would slipped away from my mind this year round. but i always have it in mind to at least make it special for her.

much earlier, i found out that her other half is not able be with her on her birthday. also her family would be around on that day. so there was not such planning to ask her out. but i do have in mind about getting a bouquet to surprise her at her doorstep. but again, she would not be at home all day when her family is around, it would be risky to send it since there is no fixed time the bouquet will arrive.

so i waited until the next day. it was a one day belated birthday already, but i did asked her out for dinner that day. having the thought to give her surprise bouquet was so strong because it definitely will shock her and of course, who girl doesn't like receiving flowers right? 

and so coincident the florist that i wanted to order bouquet from has the most beautiful baby pink roses available on that day *plus it comes with pink baby breaths too!!!*, how to resist??!! 

with no hesitation, i decided to get one for her. i tried reaching to her boyfriend to ask for her office's address. and i managed to place an order. and all i need to do is to wait for some respond from her. 

however, not long after that, her boyfriend reached out to me to ask if there is any florist i could recommend to him, because he wanted to send one to her too. well, i gave him the exact same florist i ordered bouquet from *as i only know this one which is quite famous*. since then, i assumed there would not be much surprise already because there will be two bouquets sent to her at the same time. and of course she would be more than happy to receive the one from her boyfriend than mine. right?

i received a text from her in the afternoon, asking did i sent her flowers? i was trying to make it as though it is from someone else *trying to be mysterious huh* i kept denied. i know she would have guess it's me from the message on the bouquet but if i don't admit it would still remain a "who" to her. well i was not expecting her boyfriend to say the other sender is me, but he did. so yeah, that was all about my surprise for her but turned out somewhat failed. anyway, i am glad she liked pink roses more than white lilies, i hope she really mean it though..:)

read her side of story from her dayre

picked her up from work and we had dinner together that night. it was superb jam to Pavilion but we managed to fill up the time with me trying to tell her my "evil" plan from beginning until the end, and also she telling me the story the moment she received the bouquets.

we had Japanese Yakiniku at Rocku. we were tempted by the selection of meats they have. the bad side about this is whereby they only limit 100 minutes for us, not much we could gobble when we need to BBQ them ourselves and eat at the same time. anyway, we two small eaters could not eat much either. we only managed to finish up the first round and we barely want to order the second round.

there is a hype going on about this yogurt named Llao Llao, which recently opened in Pavilion. it was my first time trying it and i fell in love!!! if you are a milk lover, you would definitely love this. the yogurt has a very strong taste of milk in it and it is a little sour. compared with other ordinary yogurt, this is somewhat heavy but satisfaction at the maximum i would say..:D

that is all about my not-so-surprised birthday surprise for my best friend. i hope she likes it..:)


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