hair makeover at 76

Friday, January 29, 2016

like every girl already known, Number76 Hair Salon is one of the most famous hair salon running in KL. with countless number of bloggers and celebrities visits, this salon has made its fame to the top with their professional hairstylists from Japan as well as local. and not forgetting their high technologies in hair treatments as well as hair coloring.

i am amazed all the makeovers that they have done giving 100% confidence to everyone who visited them. well, famous also means this salon is pretty high end and for every service charged is definitely a hole in the pocket. but knowing their 100% satisfaction from their customers is also all worth the pennies right?

and after working for almost two years, i finally pay my first visit here.

people around me would definitely know that i have the hair length of Rapunzel *well, sort of*. i have been keeping my hair for years now. i have been refusing to get my hair cut before this is because i have always love long hair, and that even with this hair length there is no split ends *how bout that?!*.

but after years of holding on to my Rapunzel hair, i finally made my decision to go for a shorter hair. because it is getting heavier making my hair look total flat from the front. and the end of my hair started to look very very thin *still no split ends though* probably it is malnutrition already.

well, my hairstylist stoned for a second when he first saw me *LOL*. anyway, told my hairstylist i wanted short hair but i am not sure if i am comfortable with too short length after years of having long hair. i did not have much idea on how i want my hair look like. just tell him "do the magic" *hahaha*. but i do tell him i wanted purple shades hair color but not too purple-ish that is improper for work.

and after about two hours sitting there, i left the salon with a brand new look of me. i am 101% satisfied with the makeover though i just punched a few holes in my pocket. have not seen myself in such short *medium* hair for almost forever. i know i have made the right choice to do my hair makeover with Number76..:)

thanks to my hairstylist Han for this..:)

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