happy new year

Saturday, January 02, 2016

happy 2016 came in a little late, but better late than never right. no intention of writing a wrap up of my 2015 because i find my 2015 pretty boring and occupied with works most of the time. i hope 2016 can be more colourful. not to say not occupy with works, but a little bit more balance in working and playing too *i hope*

new year means new resolution? i never write a resolution before, but i guess jotting down a few won't harm too. at least i have a vision on what i wanted to do. whether to get to check it out of the list bucket or not would be another story *self pat*

not a very greedy person, plus not a very motivated person too. not going to aim much, just a few will do. i did wrote a few on my Dayre yesterday, but i think i should write a few more here, and elaborate them a little more. let's see what i have in mind:

ensure both my Dayre and Blogspot alive
started blogging since 2007 and dayre-ing since 2013. i used to be very active on both these platforms.

i used to blog almost everything about my life when i was still in my high shool time. as time went by, i started to pay less attention on my blog because my time were occupied with dramas and assignments when i started university, because blogging consume pretty much a lot of effort and time to bring out an entry. slowly, i blogged lesser and lesser, and eventually almost completely stop when i started my internship. too inactive to an extent that backlogs were countless but whenever i tried to write a throwback post, recalling seemed almost impossible.

and then came the invention of Dayre. got no intention to download this app at first but after i got one, it feels as though the whole blogging medium has just moves to mobile phone. the only different would be Dayre is a simpler version of writing down whatever you do everyday *probably every minute or second* and having it with you 24/7 it is very convenient. i started to be super active in Dayre when i started my internship where i basically just snap random photos and add captions on them. and that basically jot down my everyday life for about two years. and then inactivity struck when i endure into working life. my life turn to be so robotic i didn't bother to update anymore.

but, the urge to continue on these platforms are definitely still there. i getting back on track for my Dayre daily now starting Day 1 of 2016, and now slowly inviting myself back to Blogger too *good start*..:)

sign up for a facial package
i am not into beauty very much, but i realized skin care is very important as a girl ages. if i am to live for a hundred years, i am definitely quarter way through already, and so sad to say that i have not very keen in taking care of my face until recently where i started to feel my face is not getting any way near good. i started to feel itchiness on my cheeks i know this is a sign that my skin is getting so dry that it is over-producing oil which also results in very oily skin. i do not want thing to get worse so i guess constant visits to pamper my skin will definitely help a lot. but this can only be done if my increment is good enough for me to sign for a year package. let's just hope so *finger crossed*.

learn to put make up on daily basis
liked i have mention, i am not a beuty-kind of person. i put on make up less than ten times in a year *how bout that..LOL*. i know looking good is essential when stepping into the working world, not to say i face customers most of the time. well, i don't ask for bombastic make up. just a simple one will do but i guess i will first need to improve my eyeliner drawing skill *super sucks at this!!!..i need a teacher..wtf!!!*. i think having eyeliner is sufficient to look nice..LOL!!!

flatten my lower tummy
i have this problem since i moved to KL. obviously because my food consumption increased, and also because i exercise less *not even walking* because i drive most of the time. plus i have constipation issue since decades ago but rather than taking fibre, i have seek consultation from doctor and i am eating plain yogurt everyday. pretty much recover from constipation but the lower tummy is still as big as though i am three months pregnant. i have made an agreement with Christelle that we both will be having the same mission to get rid of the fats on our tummies. which means we are hitting the gym *at her condo* every weekend!!! i just hope we are motivated enough..wtf!!!

move in together with baby
this has been my wish since i started work last year. but we are still staying apart now due to financial issues. we are never "near" for as long as we are in relationship. starting my career in KL is also one of the reason to shorten our distance. but we ended up LDR again for half a year because of him not having a job and temporarily moved back to his hometown. and i am all tough working alone in KL. i hope he will be back soon, with a job. from there we can at least plan on moving in together.

get a car or a house
almost getting a car last month but ended giving up the will because of the drawbacks i got. well, comparing with a house, getting a car is just my second choice. if we are financially stable we would definitely get a property first, a place we call home. but because the economy is so terrible now the properties' price are shooting so fast that my salary is not qualify to get one at all. heard that the property price will drop this year, i hope we have a chance for one shot. if it is a rumors, we might consider on getting a car first for the time being.

learn to cook
this is pretty impossible for now because i do not have a kitchen. but i putting this into the list because i have hope that we can move in together, and till then i can cook for him..:) i am quite into watching cooking videos, and my favourite channel to watch when i am back at home would definitely be Food Network Asia. i always imagine myself cooking everyday for him..:)

spend more time with family
staying apart from family feel so bad. homesick is terrible especially you go home a few days and then you have to leave home back to reality. whenever there is extra one day off the weekday i would want to plan to head back home *unless my parents decided to make a trip here*. i did not get to do so last year but i hope i will this year.

get a massage chair for parents
been planning to get one since last year but did not get to do it for no reason *wtf*. but i managed to convince Gor for it this time, and i would say "first item checked!!! from the resolution". feel so grown up that i finally manage to afford something for both mummy and daddy..:)

so yeah, i guess that is all for my resolution. all sounded very hard to achieve, but i will give them a try.

Happy New Year!!!

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