keep calm

Sunday, January 10, 2016

nothing makes me happier than counting down to another three more days, and we will no longer suffer from long distance anymore. who could have thought the exact same thing would have strike us, just like a year ago. and it seems like a deja vu.

nothing feel emptier and disappointed more than this. i fear to need to count all over again. i know it's not his fault to have ended up like this. but only if he listens, thing like this shouldn't have taken place.

i could not imagine that i have to go trough days without you all over again. i could not imagine all the stressful moments that i have to go through all over again. and i foresee the times of loneliness for the next few months?

nothing can be done to turn back time. only if he listens...

nothing can be blame on. only if he listens...

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