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by - Saturday, June 04, 2016

Japanese cuisine is one of the most common yet tantalizing food among us Malaysian; and it is one of my favourite cuisine. besides our local Malaysian cuisines of Malay, Chinese and Indian; Japanese cuisine is definitely the next choice that would come across our minds. there are plenty of Japanese restaurants opened in every corner of the city and i would say it is difficult to lock one with the best taste of all. 

thanks to Jolie, i was able to explore another newly opened Japanese Restaurant, Fukusu Sushi..:)

Fukusu Sushi set its base at a very strategic and happening area of Dataran Sunway Damansara in November 2015. with so many different food and beverage outlets surrounding this area, the competition is tensed but Fukusu Sushi is nowhere near loss considering its wide variety of food, and of course in an affordable price range.

there is less attention being placed in designing the interior of the restaurant. stumbled into the restaurant, i see white tiles across the walls furnished with tables and plastic chairs, which i find it less of a typical Japanese restaurant. i would prefer a more Japanese settings in a Japanese Restaurant. 

it has an open kitchen where all sushi are made right in front of the customers, upon putting an order. each exquisite piece of sushi is served with flair. for each plate of basic sushi is it set at the price of RM1.70 and RM2.70, definitely a steal deal!!!

besides basic sushi, Fukusu Sushi also serves variety of Japanese food such as bento, ramen, hotpots, and many more. we were served with some of the signature dishes of Fukusu Sushi. scroll down further to find out my personal opinions..:)

Salmon Zukushi Set | RM21.90 
high five salmon lover!!! this is a plate of goodness for us. you will get to indulge in different part of the fish, and whether you want it raw or smoked, it is all there on the plate. now, this is not the premium type of salmon if you are wondering, but it is fresh and fresh is all you need to enjoy a good slice of salmon.

Chicken Sukiyaki | RM19.90 
a hotpot dish is one of their signature and main course here. in the pot there are shiitake mushroom, carrot, white tofu, shiimeiji mushroom, and chicken slices. bring this to boil and there you have it, a very tasty and flavourful dish. i personally find the soup a little too sweet if i take it too much, so i would prefer to maybe pair it with some starch such as a bowl of white rice or udon.

Garlic Fried Rice | RM16.90
fried with garlic, eggs and butter. this bowl of fried rice tastes a bit too ordinary for me considering the price of it. i could not taste much of the garlic and in fact it tastes just like..fried rice with soy sauce, which i think it does not seems to live up to its name.

Soft Shell Crab | RM13.90
well, i am not a big fan of crab because i do not exactly know how to eat a crab, or more specific how to open the claws. but nothing to worry when it comes to soft shell crab. the shell is crispy enough i could just swallow the entire crab. 

Ebi tempura | RM15.90
i am a particular person when it comes to tempura. i think the prawns has to be fully covered with the batter before it is brought to fry in order to achieve that golden and crispy surface. for this plate of ebi tempura, i would say they almost nailed it, because the batter is obviously not fully covered on the top part of the prawns. however, on the good side the prawns are really fresh and juicy.

Salmon Kabuto Teriyaki | RM15.90
i just love salmon!!! you can always order one of this salmon head with a bowl of white rice, this is good enough to reach that level of satisfaction. although it is a part with least meat, but this is an exception because there are plenty of meat on it. i find the teriyaki sauce a little too sweet to my liking, i would personally prefer the salmon head without any sauce on it so that i can have the right taste of the salmon. however, if this sauce is meant to be on this dish, maybe slightly less sweeter is acceptable for me.

Kaisen Kimchi Ramen | RM22.90
a bowl with a tinge of Korean fusion. i am not very impressed with this bowl of ramen, as the spiciness is pretty mild. also, all the ingredients are sunken underneath the soup which sort tells me that the portion is small and pricey. 

Golden SSC Maki | RM15.90
heard of mango sushi? this is something new and it did surprise me. the slice of mango does gives a refreshing taste on every bite.

Dragon Roll Maki | RM11.90
avocado sushi? they are very generous in laying the avocados on each of the sushi. the avocado brings out a different taste from the ordinary sushi even though the filling is just ordinary filling of crab meat and seaweed. i personally love this a lot.

overall i find the food in Fukusu Sushi is still within my satisfaction. they are pretty new thus i believe there is still room of improvement. i would like to come back to explore more of their Hotpots and of course for more Dragon Roll Maki(s). do check them out when you are nearby and looking for affordable comfort food..:)

Fukusu Sushi
No.5-1 Jalan PJU 5/4,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Teleohpone: +6010 228 6075
Opening hours: 11:00am - 9:30pm

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