Dr. Morita | Whitening Essence & Repair Essence Facial Mask

by - Sunday, July 31, 2016

cleanser? *check* toner? *check* moisturizer? *check*. there you have it, the complete skin care regimen. right? actually, there is something missing here, and it is missing from many among our routines: the facial mask.

masks add an extra dimension to the skin-care routine, and they are truly pampering. it is something everyone can do at home that will give them the effect they would get at a spa. my favorite thing about applying a good face mask is the feeling of tightened and toned skin after a single use!!!..:D

here i have with me are the new series of facial mask from Dr. Morita..:)
  • Dr. Morita Whitening Essence Facial Mask
  • Dr. Morita Repair Essence Facial Mask

Dr. Morita is originated in Taiwan, where the Morita Department Store was opened in 1935. Morita Department Store is a wholesale and retail company specialized in household products and skin care products. Dr. Morita started its manufacturing of facial mask upon setting up a research center in Japan with the help of Japanese technology.

this brand made its fame as one of the best selling facial mask in Taiwan and Hong Kong. different series of facial masks are developed to cater different needs of consumers, providing solutions to the skin which include hydrating, whitening, repairing, soothing and firming.

Dr. Morita Whitening Essence Facial Mask

this whitening mask is used to lighten the skin on the face, gently reduces the look of old acne scars and irregular pigmentation. it also contains moisturizing properties, hence hydrating the skin.

Dr. Morita Repair Essence Facial Mask 

this mask acts as a collagen mask. it provides the skin with an instant glow, and a rejuvenating dose of collagen. it helps to slows down the breakdown of collagen and protects the collagen in the skin, thus maintaining skin’s youthfulness and fights the signs of aging.

the mask is drenched with medical-grade natural ingredients and maintains a tight seal on your face, ensuring the active ingredients and moisture deeply penetrate into the skin. each sheet is made from Tencel Silk cotton, which makes it soft and comfortable.

how to use:
1. cleanse your face thoroughly
2. apply mask on the face and leave it for 10-15 minutes
3. remove mask and gently massage around the face area for better absorption of essence into the skin

not necessary to rinse off. for best results, use it daily.

i have the habit of dabbing a warm towel on my face before applying any mask sheet. as i believed this helps to open up the pores for better absorption. 

also, i personally do not like to leave it overnight so i usually will rinse it off before going to bed. 

there are thirteen(13) series of facial sheet mask and two(2) watery cream (sleeping mask) in Malaysia and they are all available exclusively in Guardian nationwide

Dr.Morita Facial Sheet Mask | RM22.90 per box (5pcs)

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  1. I would like to test them out if I get a chance to get my hands on it. The price is also affordable so i think I can look at this in the future :D

  2. Heard about this brand but haven't try the products before. Seem not bad.

  3. sound great ... a lot friends change to this brand recently ...

  4. Saw lots of good review on the mask nowadays. I want to stock up my Dr. Morita Whitening Essence Facial Mask too.

  5. I love using this mask too!! I think I need it to have whitening skin like you XD

  6. Would it be expensive to use this daily? I am currently using another brand but wouldn't mind switching.

  7. I tried this masks and I'm loving it.. Very nice... Great brand..

  8. Been reading a lot on these masks... if they are these good, it is worth the price and I want to try them too....

  9. The cost is affordable and the results not too bad!! Worth-trying...

  10. Heard alot about Dr Morita face masks, should probably give them a try since i saw them on sale on hermo

  11. Dr Morita masks are superb, looks very hydrating to your skin too

  12. Woah! I have been really loving their mask! So moisturizing

  13. Have yet to come across this mask at the Guardian outlets I usually visit, must be sold out haih. Hope to give it a try some day!

  14. I love this brand! I usually buy this if I run out of mask and have to get one at the local pharmacies. Otherwise I would usually use Korean ones, but this is good too.

  15. i love their mask very very much!!!after use it really can see the result instantly!!

  16. I've read really good reviews. It's really drenched with the serum! Such a waste to rinse off before sleeping though!

  17. I heard the mask is good and I going to grab in Taiwan in this coming October.