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by - Monday, September 12, 2016

having a good cup of coffee in the morning is an utmost importance for many of us to start off our day. not only we need coffee in the morning, but we need it fast. so we usually ended up getting our boost of the day from the nearest barista; and most common of all would be Starbucks and Coffee Beans. if you space your coffee drinking throughout the day, it simply means overspending of your expenses just for the sake of coffee fix..:O

what about making your own coffee? making a good coffee required some serious knowledge, and it definitely affects much of our mood if we accidentally made a cup of bad coffee in the morning..:(

whether or not we are buying or making one, it is certainly important to us that we drink good coffee, and that is where home coffee machines come in. with an automated coffee machine, you can be sure of having the same strong coffee you love every day. no magic skills needed!!!

introducing the all new Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine..:)

the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine comes in a compact size. even though it is small in size, it can easily take up one(1) liter of water. the features are put together in a way that they make the machine work smoothly despite its size, for instance, the water tank is easy to fill, and the tray is easily handled without much hassle. 

the best part is that the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine comes in durable and sturdy design. its sophisticated design painted either black or red can easily matches your home's furnishing. even more convincing as you have a perfect coffee machine without using up much space in your home..:D

for coffee perfection. now you have options that brew regular coffee in a single machine. the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine is programmed to make five(5) different styles of coffee; namely Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Lungo and Latte

Nescafe Gold Barista Style coffee is a premium blend of Arabica beans and Robusta beans that are golden roasted to perfection. the freeze dried coffee delivers a smooth cup with distinctive aromas.

it is recommended to use Nescafe Gold Barista Style coffee which is suited and tested for the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine. alternatively, other freeze-dried coffee options can also be used.

fine powdered coffee is not recommended as it will result in blockage issues.

First Time Use & Initial Rinsing

it is essential to perform an initial rinse before utilizing the machine:

1) this can be easily done by filling up the water tank (located at the back of the machine) with to a maximum level (approx 1L), and re-attach the tank back to the main body. 
2) turn on the machine. the power button starts to blink in green while machine is heating up (approx 25sec).
3) when the power button and Espresso icon light up in steady green, start rinsing by pressing on the Espresso icon.
4) rinsing starts immediately where water is drained out in high pressure.

after rinsing is completed, all icons are in steady green lights. this indicates that the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine is now ready for use..:D

Refilling with Coffee

the Nescafe Gold Barista Style coffee can be easily filled with the following steps:

1) open the top cover by gently pressing on the top middle of the machine. cover opens up with a "click" sound.
2) remove the entire coffee box from the machine.
3) remove coffee box cap by simply turning in anti-clockwise direction.

4) fill up the coffee box with Nescafe Gold Barista Style coffee, and re-attach coffee box cap.

5) insert coffee box back to the machine with Nescafe logo faces forward.
6) close top cover, again just a push with a "click" sound.

 Preparing Beverages

now, your good cup of Nescafe coffee is just a button away!!! i opted to try out Americano and Latte Macchiato

simply touch on the desired coffee icon and it will flash. the extraction starts and stops automatically so there is no need to worry about overflowing *provided having the right volume of cup used of course*

my cup of Americano ends with added hot water and the colour is gorgeous..:)

as for Cappuccino or Latte, since there is not any milk compartment, milk has to be manually poured into the coffee cup. generous foam is produced from high velocity hot water jet, and then followed by adding of espresso from the coffee outlet. this beautifully displays a layer between the denser liquid milk below and the lighter foam above..:)

there you have it!!! all you need is just a coffee machine to enjoy some good yet affordable coffee. and the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine is just the right solution for you. 
tempted to get one??? good news for you then!!! 

Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine 

Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine will be officially launched on Lazada starting on 14th September 2016!!! grab one home at their promotional price and be your own barista!!!

Lazada Official Website | Nescafe Official Website
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  1. I checked it's sold out already Lolx... A few of my friends manage to buy it on 14th and 15th. But today no more on Lazada. Offer is pretty good too!

  2. Very detailed post and nice image.

  3. got mine too, love the smell of the coffee.
    now easy to have one at home.

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  7. Am no huge fan of coffee myself although this package looks tempting. My mom loves her cup of coffee in the morning!

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  9. I like the barista machine and now I can have my coffee every morning.

  10. This machine looks cool. I feel like buying...

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  12. Looks cool dear! Now u can make ur own coffee anytime anywhere you like already!

  13. Wow..the coffee machine looks so cool ! Do some coffee for me one day ..XD

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  15. sweet.. such an interesting and useful product. Can be used to make nice coffee daily

  16. Wish to get one too, this is really convenient especially when I'm craving for a cup of nice coffee :)

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