Goodbye 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016

it is the last day of 2016, suddenly i have the urge to want to write a wrap up. 2016 has been..hmm..challenging i guess. too many ups and downs *mostly downs wtf*. but on the bright side it simply means you experienced something that maybe no one has ever experienced.

so i did wrote a list of resolution during the new year of 2016 here. let me see which has been successfully check off and which has not. i can guess most of them are yet to though *LOL*. but there were also some unexpected things took place throughout year..:)

did i complete my resolutions?

ensure both my Dayre and Blogspot alive
well this is somewhat a checked-off because my Dayre and Blog are apparently still alive *YAY!!!*

i have been really active in updating Dayre everyday but i am not too sure why i actually skipped the whole month in October, just that one month, the rest of the months are occupied with my daily updates. so if you are wondering what did i write everyday? basically are those random/not random things that i do everyday you can check it out here.

and my dear Blog; built it with blood and sweat since 2007 and was damn sad when i neglected it almost a year plus, and re-started it back due to guiltiness *wtf*. but it was "reborn" for good reason because i started event blogging. since then my blog has been slightly more "colourful" then before because i write more interesting stuffs rather than "mind-my-own-business posts" *LOL*. it is more alive now because my blog is drawing traffics too..:)

sign up for a facial package
still a NO because money is still not enough to enjoy these luxuries for i have other more important commitments in hands. but that does not mean i did not take care of my face. i did add some skin care products into my daily skincare regime and the good thing was the eczema is gone for good. 

learn to put make up on daily basis
still a NO too because i still cannot draw eyeliners *wtf* and i have yet to practice to put makeup everyday because i would rather take those extra time to sleep a little longer, in other word i am just lazy. 

flatten my lower tummy
also a NO..><..in fact it is getting bigger and bigger. food consumption gradually increased and mostly are high calorie food *wtf*. and there was not a time where i step into the gym because laziness strikes all the time.

move in together with baby
we are only staying together during the weekends. it has become a weekly routine of me going over to have dinner with him on Saturdays and he will spend two nights at my home before heading back to Sg Buloh to work on Monday.

get a car or a house
well, we are still working towards our dream to getting a house but we are not financially ready to own one. i am hoping and praying it will come true soon. on the bright side, we got a City in February and i am glad we made the decision to get a car because travelling becomes so much easier and we can go just go anywhere we want anytime.

not expecting the unexpected

became a freelance blogger
this struck me in around March where i could not bare the fact that i am living a robot life as in doing the same damn routine everyday; plus the loneliness due to LDR i guess. told myself i am 26 but i am living a life of a 50 *wtf*. i wished my adult's life can be slightly more colourful than just going to work and back from work feeling all exhausted then off to bed..-_-

so i decided to draw the path to venture in the blogging industry. i started attending events and my time were meaningfully occupied. from there i made friends, and i am so glad to get to know some really nice bloggers that eventually we became really closed friends.

and hence, my blog is revived with advertising articles and reviews; rather than jotting down my boring life that no one bother to read a single word. my page is not drawing a high load of traffics but i am satisfied as a beginner lifestyle blogger; and of course hoping to drive more readers in the future..:)

traveled twice in a year
not a superb big deal for anyone but definitely a kick start to motivate us to make more trips in the coming year. again not a big deal because both trips took place locally. not a greedy person i do not mind to continue planning our local trips as long as there is one..:p

too P&C i do not want to write it down here. it was probably the darkest and most emotional periods for me but i am glad that we sorted it out and everything is back on track.

well that sums up my unaccomplished resolution for 2016. let see if i can readjust these resolution to 2017..:p


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