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by - Saturday, March 24, 2018

many people pay so much attention to the products they are using on their face, legs and hands and yet, give little thought to their lips; and little did we know our lips are one of the most sensitive and environmentally susceptible parts of our body. our lips tend to easily become dehydrated and chapped more quickly than the rest of the skin would.

simply apply any of the many lip color products separately, followed by a teeny bit of lip balm right on your cupid’s bow as well as the very center of your lower lip; nahhh, that is the so called "old school way". what about just needing to bring along one "magic wand" with you that serves as a lip colour and lip care at the same time?

introducing the Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm..:)

function simultaneously as a lip crayon and lip balm, the all-new Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is formulated not only to add a subtle pop of colours to the lips, but its moisturizing properties also ensure that lips remain moisturized throughout the day.

Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is ultra-moisturizing as it is infused with moisturizing ingredients that include the Argon Oil and Meadowform Seed Oil to help hydrate, nourish and protect lips, leaving lips smooth and hydrated even after long hours of application. 

Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm comes in four different gorgeous shades to suit different skin tones. with just a simple glide, this super nourishing lip crayon instantly flaunt a truly beautiful, sheer and soft lip colour.

Lip Crayon 01
a shade of powerhouse for that bold, sexy and feminine look

Lip Crayon 02
a shade of baby pink that brings out the sweet and girly side

Lip Crayon 03
a shade of dull pink that flaunt a healthy natural looking lips

Lip Crayon 04
a shade of coral of a tiny bit tinge of orange gives you that fun and outgoing look

whether it’s for an everyday look or for a special occasion, the all-new Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is just the right pick for you; all you need is only an easy glide to instantly transform lips into a glowing healthy, pink and moisturized looking lips.

Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is retailed at RM19.90 (3g) at all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets

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