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by - Sunday, August 27, 2023

It feels like an eternity since I last penned down on this digital canvas. Life, as it often does, took me on a whirlwind journey through its twists and turns. But here I am, once again, fingers dancing across the keyboard. In fact, writing this now rekindles a sense of joy that I had almost forgotten. A heartfelt thank you to you, dear Mamasan, for the opportunity!

Embracing Change and Self-Love

It all began when I stumbled upon an upcoming workshop event by Butterfly Project. The themes I  instantly fell in love - "Go Green" and "Self-Love".  The idea of setting aside moments for negativities, practicing kindness towards ourselves and dedicating time to cherish and nourish the gardens of our heart.

A Breath of Freshness at Taman Hati Studio & Cafe

Nestled within the heart of SS2, there lies a hidden gem - Taman Hati Studio & Cafe, a space that effortlessly weaves together tranquility, community, and nature's embrace. Perched on the first level of a shop lot, Taman Hati Studio & Cafe is a relatively new addition to the neighborhood, having opened its doors in May 2022. Despite that, this place has drawn in many from near and far.

I was greeted by an expanse of lush greenery that seemed to dance in harmony with the sunlight filtering through the skylight above. It is a calm and cozy space where one can escape the bustle of everyday life, if only for a while.

The limited seating is a boon. With only a handful of tables, it effortlessly maintains a crowd-free ambiance. In a time when bustling cafes often echo with conversations and clinking cutleries, Taman Hati Studio & Cafe stands as a refuge. It is a haven for those seeking a respite from noise and a chance to indulge in some much-needed me-time.

The intimate workshop space within Taman Hati Studio & Cafe stood as a testimony to the cafe's commitment to being more than just a cafe. Though modest in size, it is a space that allows people to share experiences, learning, and forging connections.

Taman Hati's Whiskered Ambassadors

As I explored this cozy space, I got to know that Taman Hati is not just a "Go Green" sanctuary; it is also a cat-friendly oasis. The three musketeers of the cafe: Biggie, Jenny, and Seven. These feline ambassadors have made Taman Hati their home, gracing the space with their individual personalities and whiskered charms.

Savoring Delights

Taman Hati does not aim to overwhelm with an extensive menu; rather, it focuses on curating a collection of items that are crafted with care. From the selection of coffee to the assortment of small bites, every offering seemed to reflect the cafe's dedication to quality.

It was heartwarming to discover that the staffs at Taman Hati had prepared a selection of their signature offerings for us, what a delightful surprise. I must say I personally love the brownie most - soft and moist, with the perfect balance of sweetness!

Plant-a-Tree Workshop

We were informed before hand to each bring along a glass jar for the workshop. It was a small gesture, yet it shows how much Taman Hati embraces to reduce and reuse, and to live more sustainably and mindfully.  

The tables were adorned with tools and planting soils, thoughtfully arranged to accommodate our learning journey. We were each given a succulent plant, waiting to be nurtured into life.

The workshop was led by none other than Jan, the passionate owner of Taman Hati. Her deep love for mother nature was evident in every word she spoke and every action she took. With a warm smile, she guided us through the planting process. 

As a plant lover myself, I really enjoyed the entire workshop. It may look as simple as planting a plant, but it was also a lesson in fostering a relationship with nature.

Partners in Green

It was truly privileged to have brands that came together to support this meaningful event. Each of these brands speaks volumes about their shared passion for fostering a greener environment.

💚Yves Rocher: A name synonymous with botanical beauty. Their commitment to green cosmetics and plant-based ingredients reflects their philosophy of marrying beauty and nature in perfect harmony. All their bottles are made with 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. 

💚The Wood Place: In a world dominated by mass-produced items, The Wood Place's passion for woodwork extends beyond creating exquisite pieces; it is about celebrating the beauty of nature in its raw form. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices, The Wood Place thoughtfully crafted "Kitab Koster" made out of leftover wood scraps. How creative! Love the idea of giving unwanted wood a second chance to shine!

💚Monin: Beyond tantalizing taste buds, Monin is dedicated to fostering sustainable practices that extend to the very source of their ingredients. They are committed that their products are made only with natural flavours and without any artificial conservatives.

💚Iberica Spirit: Iberica's commitment to a greener environment is evident not just in their cuisine but in their cultures. They emphasize sourcing ingredients sustainably and supporting local communities. 

💚Pudu Ria Florist: Pudu Ria Florist goes beyond creating stunning arrangements; through their commitment to using locally sourced flowers and reducing waste, they inspire us to enjoy nature's beauty with a sense of responsibility.

Capturing Memories to Conclude a Fulfilling Workshop

The workshop, which began with a humble glass jar and a succulent plant, had blossomed into an experience that extended far beyond. It was a testament to embrace nature, cultivate self-love, and foster a greener future.

Taman Hati Studio & Cafe
43a, SS2/30, SS 2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: +6019-3880808
Business Hours: 10:00AM - 6:00PM daily

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