Favful[x]WriteUp.co | Beauty Blogger Meetup

by - Wednesday, April 27, 2016

a collaboration of Favful and WriteUp.co, bringing all beauty bloggers into one roof. i am glad that i was selected into part of this event. to be able to meet new bloggers whom have the same interest as i do was definitely more than just fun. i am pretty new in beauty blogging, knowing these people was an amazing and eye-opening experience.

it was indeed an enjoyable yet informational event. we were exposed to the secrets behind beauty blogging, how to make beauty videos, and not forget to mention, the chance to direct our most pressing beauty blogging questions to the influencers. very thoughtful of the event organizers to have invited some of the best people in the beauty industry to share their insider tips and tricks with us. definitely a path builder for us all to be an amazing beauty content creator.

started off with Sherelyn, the managing director of Favful. her topic was mainly on how to write positive and negative beauty reviews. her talk was slightly more on simplicity i would say. well, that is also the whole focus when it comes to writing a beauty entry, keep things simple and precise, rather than boring long-winded grandmother story.

second speaker was the famous beauty YouTube-er, Jynn. she talked about tips and tools to create beauty videos. i guessed the topic turned out to be slightly more interesting compared to Sherelyn. from how to create an appropriate beauty video to how to earn a penny from posting videos. so many interesting questions raised to her and i was pretty impressed how she could put all the answers in a way it was funnier and "more absorbent" for everyone. pretty sure most of the beauties there wanted to be YouTube-er, but i think i have yet to want to venture into that area for i enjoy writing more for now. anyway i really enjoy Jynn's talk because she is very funny and i hope i can at least learn to speak like her..:)

we had a little of behind-the-scent activity going on after that, whereby each of us took turn to take photoshoot with our favourite skincare product we brought, not forgetting with our superb red lips *LOL*. followed by a simple video shoots and a group photo before the event comes to an end.

this event actually required us to put on makeup, which is one of the toughest thing for me to do as i rarely *never* put on makeup on a daily basis. i ended up just brushed on some colors onto my eyes i hope it didn't turned out too bad though. till we meet again everyone!!! *wink*

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