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by - Tuesday, May 31, 2016

pretty sure hotels everywhere would have started to promote buffets for this coming month of Ramadhan. but it is definitely a tough decision when it comes to the question "what to eat?" and "where to eat?". wanting to have  the feast of the night with reasonable price? if so, you may want to bookmark the Ramadhan buffet at Pearl International Hotel. and why would i say so, read further to find out..:)

Pearl International Hotel brings you the best of this Ramadhan through "Sentuhan Ramadhan Berbuka Puasa" which showcases the best of authentic and traditional Malaysian Ramadhan food during this fasting month. 

located at Cafe 5 of the hotel, diners are expected to enjoy their feast in a classic yet comfortable settings in the cafe. tables are arranged for a bigger number of diners. definitely a good place to dine, whether with family or with groups of friends.

so many reasons to come back for more as most of the dishes are on a 8-days rotational cycle, with more than 120 items that reminiscent popular "berbuka puasa" food.

scrumptious of "berbuka puasa" specialties are prepared to suit different taste buds, such as, spicy fried chicken, fried fish roe tumeric and onions, fried fish, fried squid with mustard seed, chinese omelette, fried cabbage with dried shrimps, steamed fragrance rice, and many more.

action stalls are also ready to serve you with the local noodles delicacies, such as wantan, laksa, mee rebus, laksa johor, nyonya curry laksa, and mee bandung.

a tiny taste of Arab is also included with chicken sharwarma pita bread served with yogurt and mediterranean salad. 

at the carving corner, there are whole marinated lamb or roasted marinated leg of lamb, served with different sauces, with selection of black pepper sauce, rosemary sauce, and mint sauce.

serve daily, there are also satays, Malaysian all time favourite, with selection of both beef and chicken, served with spiced sauce that typically contains peanuts, ketupat, onions and cucumbers. not to forget "lemang"!!, assorted baked lemang made using glutinous rice and cooked in bamboo, with chicken or beef rendang and serunding ayam.

moving into the dining are where diner will definitely be amazed by the dessert counter decorated so beautifully with the colours of the Raya festival in the middle of the cafe. it was so impressive and eye catching i must say!!! how to say "no" to photobombing here..:D

there are three different sections here, with varieties of fruits, such as honey dew, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, guava, jackfruit, jambu air, and golden melon.

diners can also enjoy making their own bowl of "rojak" with variety selection of fresh fruit with shrimp sauce, young mango, sweet turnip, pineapple, young papaya, green guava and cucumber, fresh "ulam-ulaman" with accompanying dressing.

last but not least, different type of sweets and desserts awaiting to gulp up the dessert tummy!!! with selection like strawberry yogurt cream cakes, black forest cakes, blueberry cream cakes, chocolate eclairs, assorted-flavour ice-cream with toppings and condiments, assorted cookies, cream caramel, assorted french pastries, assorted jelly-in-glass, puddings tarts, doughnuts.

but Ramadhan is not complete without some malay "kuih". available are tapai, tepung talam, keria, tepung pelita, ketayap, seri muka, kuih talam, bingka pisang, kuih sago, cucur badak, putu mayam and kole kacang.

i would personally say the food variety is wide and definitely brings out the festive feeling and environment with so many different kinds of Ramadhan food to indulge in. and not to mention the price are very reasonable considering the wide range of food provided by the chefs.

so what are you waiting for? hurry up and book a place for you and your family for an incredible Ramadhan feasting with Pearl International Hotel! 

Pearl International Hotel
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sentuhan Ramadhan Berbuka Puasa
6th June 2016 - 4th July 2016
from 7:00pm until 10:00pm
RM98+ per adult | RM 45+ per child | RM45+ per senior citizen (age 55 and above)
Pre-paid "Ramadhan Dining Vouchers" booklet at RM650 nett per booklet for ten(10) vouchers/diners
book a booklet before 5th June 2016 to get complimentary one(1) voucher for one(1) diner

for booking and enquiries, please call Cafe 5, Pearl International  at +603-7983 ext 3203, 3205

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  1. The ramadhan buffet comes with so much of food and huge spread. nice

  2. Looks delicious from the beautiful photos ! Making me feel hungry now haha

  3. Great to see that you are exploring places to eat dear! Continue growing in your blogging journey *hugs* Food looks great btw

  4. nom nom nom. all food seems so delicious. it's going to be a fattening ramadan! :)

  5. I like wantan mee and bbq food so much ~ Really enjoy the buffet with you all ^^

  6. A lot of food to dig in to...thanks dear for the suggestion..

  7. Wow! They have many food varieties! Looks yummy =)

  8. this location near my office!!! I can bring my Malay colleagues come for buka puasa!!

  9. I like the choices of the food. Will try this out. Yummy...

  10. suppose to go for this review.. couldnt make it last minute. good to see your writeup

  11. Haven't stepped foot in Pearl Hotel for ages.. used to go there when I lived near OUG there

  12. So yummy! I liked the fact that they have some Mediterranean food as well.

  13. They have all really traditional malay food here! Looking good here OUG is slight far from my place.

  14. Nice environment and variety choices of food to choose. The buffet is attractive.

  15. The food here are awesome too, so many good selection and varieties.