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by - Saturday, May 21, 2016

there was a parcel arrived at the doorstep the other day, and my cousin sister collected it on my behalf. i do not recall buying anything online so i thought it must be delivered to the wrong person. asked her to unwrap the package and she Snapchat-ed me immediately showing me it was a phone case from Taiwan. until then i recalled about sending an entry to Wakase weeks ago, and totally not expecting they actually sent me the case design that i love!!! in baby pink shades!!! how to not love!!!..:D

Wakase is new brand founded by a group of fashion lovers and industrial designers, dedicated to provide the best mobile accessories for contemporary life. All products in Wakase are manufactured in Foxconn, the certificated supplier of Apple Inc., in other words Wakase is the official iPhone casing manufacturer of Apple.

WaKase visioned to design case that make gadget stands out from the best, yet does not feel out of place. it is not just a case to protect your phone, but to a case that contains small details that bring a smile to your face every time you see it. Wakase focuses to create a case that fits perfectly, with an out of this world style.

people who knows me well definitely knows one fact about me, that i have the undying love for lace and pastel colours. Wakase paid attention to the details we sent and they gifted me the Lace series in pastel pink. probably the most beautiful case i had so far. 

made out of rubber, Wakase phone case has very good flexibility. phone can be easily fitted into the case without much force needed. i personally hated hard cover casing because it takes almost forever to put my phone in, and sometimes pushing it too hard could leave a scratch on the phone too.

it acts well as a protective casing as it covers the sides of the phone too. its soft texture allows the covered side buttons to be easily pressed. comparing with the ordinary rubber casing, i had a hard time trying to unlock my phone through the side button because it is too hard to press on.

although the rubber is slightly softer, it does comes with anti-shocked and anti-scratched feature. fuss free about accidentally dropping my phone *wink*.

i personally love this phone case very much. putting it on my phone somewhat resembles me as it has the colour and vintage feature that i like. 

i would totally encourage you to grab one of your own style for it is selling at an surprisingly inexpensive price range. do check them out!! 

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