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by - Saturday, August 06, 2016

there is no better way to upsurge your cholesterol level than to do it with bounties of yummy juicy fresh seafood!!! on this post, featuring Just Seafood a must-bookmark place for all seafood lovers!!! and if you happen to not be one, do visit to Just Seafood and you will turn to be one..:p

located at Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damanasara, one of the most happening area with loads and loads of goodilicious food surrounding it, Just Seafood is said to be sitting at a pretty top rank here with its handsome reputation in serving JUST the freshest SEAFOOD..ON YOUR TABLE..:)

Just Seafood is a two-floors dining place where diners can option to dine sitting al-fresco or indoors. interior is kept with minimalist designs and bright lighting indoors. nothing need to be fancy here as things are going to get messy real soon.

wooden flooring; wooden table tops supported with grey steel legs, and grey steel chairs; and hanging light bulbs, and not forgetting huge fish nets hung by the walls; resulting in overall look of a ship. totally in the theme of catching fresh produce from the sea.

Just Seafood has an opened kitchen where diners are able to peep through what is cooking in the kitchen. this allows diners to witness the overall hygiene on the preparation of the seafood. 

Just Seafood practices served-on-table style where scrumptious yummy seafood are served plate-less. pieces white plastics are placed on the table before the seafood is poured on the table. 

ohh, did i forget to mention this restaurant is cutlery-free too?? yes!! told you things gonna get messy right *smirk face*. gloves are provided but i personally find it pretty hard to grab on my seafood with gloves on, so i opted to eat without wearing them. bare hands allow me to feel the freshness of the seafood too.

Lemongrass Pandan | RM9.00

this drink tastes very mild and light. do not expect this to have strong taste of lemongrass or anything sweet. i personally love this to go with the seafood, which somewhat quench my thirsts away after gulping down so many different sauces.

Louisiana Cajun Style Seafood

this is one of the best selling flavours of all. Louisiana Cajun style seafood was made popular by the Vietnamese in Louisiana, and the chef here happens to be Vietnamese. this version of Louisiana Cajun sauce is further improvised with the right amount of thickness to cater the Malaysians' taste buds. 

the sauce is spicy and comes with a little sourish taste from the limes added to it, which is very appetizing and well paired with rice or toasted breads. i would prefer to go with toasted breads to avoid getting too full..:p

Creamy Peanut Seafood

this is inspired by Malaysian's favourite satay dish that comes with spicy peanut sauce. the peanut sauce here at Just Seafood has been completely reinvented so that it blend well with the seafood. so this is like eating seafood satay *how bout that*. the nutty taste is pretty strong and with a slight sweetness.

Buttermilk Seafood

who knows buttermilk can goes so well with mussels!!! the sauce is really thick i must say, because a whole bottle of buttermilk is used to prepare this!!! generous amount of freshly plucked curry leaves are added into the sauce to enhance its taste.

Live USA Oysters | RM18.00 per piece

Just Seafood serves humongous live oysters air-flown from Seattle Washington’s famous Shellfish Taylor Farms. reason it being "live" it is because they are air-flown fresh with shells still encased. they are all freshly shucked and served.

i swear i have never seen such huge oysters in my entire life!!! they are as big as my palm!!! i am not a big fan of oysters but this is SO GOOD I CANNOT RESIST!!!

"Just Seafood strives to serve only the tastiest and freshest of seafood at our outlet"
- Terrance Ham, founder of Just Seafood

what is said is done!! i am your truly satisfied diner to go home with happy face and happy tummy!!! this is definitely one of the most satisfying seafood meal and one of the best "fingers licking good" experience with Just Seafood!!!

so what are you waiting for? do head over to Just Seafood to experience this satisfying seafood meal!

Louisiana Cajun Style Seafood
1 to 2 pax RM109++
3 to 4 pax RM199++
5 to 7 pax RM399++

Buttermilk Seafood & Creamy Peanut Seafood
1 to 2 pax RM99++
3 to 4 pax RM189++
5 to 7 pax RM369++

all sets come with potatoes, carrots and corns

Just Seafood 
A-9-G, Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/14, Dataran Sunway, 
Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Operating hours: 12:00pm - 10.30pm daily
E-mail: info@justseafood.com.my
Contact: +6012-229 0855

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  1. I have heard alot about this Just Seafood, unique style of having seafood haha. Oh they have it it Giza now?? I should check out!

  2. Seafood lover here!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. SO many seafood.. Yummy leh... I wanna go eat liao!

  4. I love seafood. Always wanted to try this kind of dining.

  5. a lot of places coming up with these seafood concept nowadays.. but the butter milk looks so good and damnnn those oysters!

  6. I love the concept of this place. The food looks so good too. Can't wait to go to try it out.

  7. I like how they display their fresh vege out. Also I like the seafood. Looks yummy.

  8. The food definitely look just absolutely mouth watering... I wish I can indulge and try out these amazing dishes....

  9. I would love to try this place out... But I think it'll be near to impossible... With 1 toddler and a baby and a hubby who can't take too much seafood... So will only eat it with my eyes hehe

  10. wow...i like the oyster!!!looks very fresh!!!

  11. Omg the feast of seafood is so drool worthy!
    Such a nice selection of fresh seafood.


  12. The concept of this place looks nice and the food looks really fresh too. Will definitely try it out.

  13. Yes!!! I love their Louisiana Cajun Style Seafood, the best!

  14. Wow, look at all the delicious foods, can't wait to try out at Just Seafood :)

  15. I've not had seafood in this manner before. Although I can't tolerate crabs, I'd go just for the experience, if only for once.

  16. this restaurant is close to my working place! the food looks very delicious and yummy!!

  17. Not a fans of seafood but it looks yummy! Will introduce to my friends.

  18. Louisiana Cajun sauce is my prefer sauce . The seafood that served is fresh and the portion is big. Happy with the service at Just Seafood.

  19. Looks really yummy, I feel hungry now >.<
    now it's in Giza, will visit there

  20. Have been wanting to try this place for quite some time already :( The seafood there looks so good!! T v T

  21. it's nearby my place, i could probably give it a try someday!

  22. wow the oyster look fresh and super big