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by - Monday, October 24, 2016

i believed everyone is very familiar with Taobao, one of the top China online shopping platform; a medium where you can basically look for almost anything and everything you need, from clothing to gadgets and even home furnishings!!! talk about shopping from Taobao, consumers do not exactly check out with only one item. we usually ended up checking out with chunks and chunks of items because they are simply SO CHEAP!!!

despite it being unbelievably cheap, there too are some drawbacks from shopping with Taobao. if you happened to be a "banana" (do not know Chinese) like me, you may have the same thought like i do. whereby it is so difficult to browse through the website because everything is written in Chinese. even looking for the search bar is a tough task..-_-

and due to that i rarely shop from Taobao simply because navigating it is typically impossible for me..:(

but this new shopping platform that i am featuring today is worth checking out for!!! especially for those of you who think Taobao is too Chinese-sy for you to use *LOL!!!* - ezbuy

ezbuy is known as the Malaysia Taobao. so when i said this is a Taobao inspired platform, it means this is exactly the same as Taobao but different from Taobao as well *LOL!!!*

how does ezbuy similar with Taobao
- goods are priced at the same rate as Taobao, just that all price are displayed in Malaysia currency (MYR).
- all goods are being shipped from China, so rest assured you will be getting your items exactly like shopping from Taobao.

how does ezbuy differ from Taobao
- ezbuy is user friendly whereby this platform is displayed in English, the universal language for everyone's convenience.
- ezbuy also offers different sales/promotions from time to time to maximize user shopping experience
- there is no additional agent fee involved, in fact shipping fee is unbelievably low!!!

when it comes to shopping online, simple and user friendly navigation is essential to cater different types of shoppers, ezbuy provides easy-to-understand navigation whereby shoppers can easily direct to the items they desired through the different categories displayed on the main page.

there are variety of products on ezbuy, ranges from fashions, gadgets, accessories, home decorations, and many more. ezbuy ensures you that what you can get from Taobao is also available for you on ezbuy.

so how cheap is ezbuy compared with other online platform? i have found the exact same apparel from one of my favourite online shopping website, and i just cannot resist to make them sit side by side and compare.

look at it!!! RM13.18 from ezbuy and RM39.00 from another website!!! *eyes dropped..jaw dropped* wise consumer just know the calculation!!!

ezbuy have just the right item at the right price!!!

if you are a regular shopper of Taobao, you should be aware that you needed a middle person or an agent to deal with your Taobao shopping, hence there will be some sort of 2-5% agent fees involved. aside from that, you will too need to pay certain amount of shipping fees of your total purchase in order for your goods to reach you.

come to think of it, there is actually additional spending just for all the fees and charges.

however, with ezbuy there is no agent fee charged and the shipping fee is extremely low with only RM4.50/500g!!!

on top of that, if you are a heavy shopper, you should also check out the Prime service offered by ezbuy. Prime is a subscription based membership program with only RM188 PER YEAR. this membership allows you to shop with the minimal shipping fee of RM8.80 for unlimited parcel size and weight.

ezbuy Prime member can enjoy free insurance up to per parcel to cover unfortunate incident like parcel loss, damage or product issues listed in the inspection coverage. the compensation follows the same policy as buy-for-me service.

only items labeled with "Prime" as shown below are eligible for exclusive shipping fee.

sign up for an account at EZBUY now and get a RM15 Voucher instantly!!!

use code "ezshp15" to enjoy 15% off for shipping fee!!!

now that you are ready to get your hands on some real shopping, be happy to know that you can shop at ezbuy online with complete convenience!!!

EZBUY Website | EZBUY Facebook

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22 response(s) received

  1. Nice to know this! So many online shopping website emerged. Have you personally used this site? :)

    1. yeah i did..managed to find 6 apparels & checked out with <rm100!!!

  2. They do seem to have a good collection!
    Online shopping is so convenient.

  3. I can go craze over the website, like literally everytime!

  4. this is so much fun.. I love shopping here as the deals are too amazing

  5. Wow~ Seem ezbuy is a great website to shop. Too bad my wallet is bleeding.

  6. This is perfect for Christmas shopping holidays for gifts. No need to visit the malls :)

  7. Being someone that can't read Chinese, ezbuy does seem like a great option. Great informative sharing.

  8. I purchase Tao Bao through ezbuy too for convenient. I could collect their items anytime too.

  9. I'm a banana myself and found EZBuy really simple to use. I was ecstatic to be finally able to shop Taobao goods at really amazing prices.

  10. been reading so much about ezbuy, now i'm tempted to shop from that site too. ><"

  11. Yes! this is a great platform to shop for anything in taobao.

  12. wow nice. would recommend to my banana friends who love taobao.

  13. Another online shopping portal? This is dangerous - I will stalk the site non stop later

  14. i used ezbuy the very first time i shopped on taobao, i 'm quite happy with it especially good for buying some cheap clothes.

  15. Always love Ezbuy! Make my purchases from Taobao so much easier!

  16. Love Taobao! Very cheap place to shop.

  17. This is a really a great shopping platform =D Shipping was fast too!

  18. interesting. i might sign up actually. So tempted! hee

  19. Been using Ezbuy for awhile now and I love their fast shipping service. Makes things so much easier too.

  20. I just shop with ezbuy and their service are good. Use prime for bulk shipping.

  21. Didn't know about this EzBuy until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)