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by - Sunday, June 12, 2016

thanks to The Butterfly Project for partnering with Pink Passion The Signature Salon, we as the Butterflies got the chance to rejuvenate not only our blog content but also our faces with the all new facial treatment using e-light technology at the salon *how cool is that!!*.

and i was lucky enough to be one of the shortlisted Butterfly to try out this facial. was so so excited when Pink Passion approached me and immediately reserved myself a slot with them!!!..:D

Pink Passion The Signature Salon is located at Sunway Mas Commercial Center, a really busy and crowded area with coffee shops all around. the streets are very small due to double parks everywhere, thus looking for a parking spot is a real challenge here. so if you managed to get one slightly further, do not bother to walk as it may consume more time if you were to turn back hoping for a spot nearby. anyway, the salon is pretty significant to look out for, because it is painted all PINK *bright pink*

could not disagree they are definitely living up to the name with so much passion in pink, because again, the interior is all PINK too. i am not a big fan for pink so i would not like my surrounding to be overly pink, but it felt somewhat comfortable entering into the salon.

this is where i was led to for my facial treatment. they have christmas lights dangling in the room!!! i have a thing with christmas lights they can do wonders all the time!!! the room turned out really cozy and comfortable when the main lights were switched off. totally slept in throughout the whole treatment *wink*

i first got myself changed into a rob. started off with procedural cleansing to remove all the skincare i have put on, followed by a scrub cleanser to properly cleanse my skin. the beautician then apply the first mask on me. 

knowing from her that it is in gel form which supposed to provide moisturizing effect as it consists of aloe vera and cucumber in it. the moment the mask was applied on my face, i felt a really strong stingy feeling on both my cheeks. i was not too sure if it supposed to feel this way so i went ahead and alerted my beautician about it. immediately she wiped it off and tried applying a milder soothing gel mask on me, which felt so much better than the first one, at least the stingy feeling is gone for good.

i was then left in the room for about 20 minutes and i totally dozed off.

right after the mask, i was supposed to go on with the e-light technology treatment, which was basically the whole purpose of coming over to Pink Passion. who could have thought things turned out to be a little unexpected..:(

since i could not stand the first moisturizing mask, they suspected my skin is too thin for any light treatment too. so they decided to not let me do the e-light treatment anymore because they afraid the light my 'burn" my skin which may results in inflammation.

instead, they switched it to oxygen treatment. oxygen was infused directly into the pores on my skin using a tube-like syringe, which also consist of ampules. it felts cold as though there was someone blowing chilled ice on me. this treatment is said to rejuvenate dull skin.

i was then given a short massage on the shoulders and the back of my neck. gosh!!! it felt so so good how i wished it will never end!!! though it was just a while, still it made me feel really relaxed..:)

applied the second mask, a rubber mask. whereby both my eyes were first covered with sheets of cotton, followed by a gauze bandage on my face. the mask was then swept all over my face and left for another 20 minutes *i guess*.

again, dozed off like nobody business..:p

lastly, the usual skin regime with toner, moisturizer and sunblock..:)

i could not tell how long was the whole end-to-end procedure but i am guessing about one(1) and a half(1/2) hours.

Oxygen Treatment | Promotion Price at RM88 (NP: RM298)
oxygen is essential to rejuvenate dull skin, aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles and help clear acne.

from an aesthetics point of view, measurable oxygen level begins to deteriorate in the skin at the age of twenty-five(25) and extremely low oxygen level is a strong indicator of aged skin. by age of forty(40), fifty-percent(50%) of the skins ability to consume and retain oxygen has been impaired. when the skin is deprived of oxygen, blood vessels constrict and it severely compromises the skins' ability to function properly.

dry, dull looking skin can add years to appearance and may not respond to our usual skincare or makeup routine. lack of sleep, extreme stress, or even hormonal shifts; the effects can quickly be shown on the skin.

Oxygen Treatments are available for anti-aging, acne, pigmentation issues, sun damage.


i would say the result is rather significant after the first service. my skin looks dewier, and suppler. i could obviously see that from my cheeks.

p/s: no filter except removing moles using MTXX

also, i would like to specially mention the beautician was really very considerate. rather than just doing the e-light treatment on me for the sake of advertising, she decided to switch me with another treatment to suit my skin condition. i give it a plus point and thumb up..:)

so if you are interested to try out the Oxygen Treatment, do book a slot with Pink Passion The Signature Salon as they are having a promotional price you don't want to miss this opportunity!!!

Pink Passion The Signature Salon
Address: 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3c, Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone: +603-7805 7285

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  1. I tried them long time ago if I am not mistaken.
    I think I will give them a visit again. Oxygen treatment is my favourite. My skin always fell softer after that.

  2. i have been to this place but have not tried this treatment before. looks good for the skin!!

  3. Wow I really love the set up and ambience of this salon. Perhaps pink is one of my favourite colours? What an awesome pampering session you had, I can tell.

  4. I think I've been there once before last year. I'm definitely in a need for a treatment. :)

  5. Never do facial treatment before, am abit scare to try TT but this facial treatment sounds good!:)

  6. You look great.. looks like this facial treatment suit you pretty well.. would love to try it someday

  7. I'd like to have a treatment here also.. Need some pampering time desperately.. Hahah!

  8. Looks so comfy~ Too bad I'm currently attached with another salon if not can pay a visit. =)

  9. Waaa the treatment looks so comfy and relaxing ya! Just the place is slight far from my place >.<

  10. the result seems quite significant. The environment seems quite good as well. will love to pay a visit when i'm free.

  11. love the pink and red theme. :) looks so fitting.

  12. Wow! So pink and pampered! Looks like a really good place to check out soon!

  13. Lovely ambiance and such a soothing SPA. You look refreshed.

  14. I saw this shop before but never get to try it out. Nice?

  15. Waiting to do their treatment soon~ Hope to do their oxygen treatment too..You looks quite refresh after doing that treatment!

  16. Heard their eyelash extensions are also quite good, should check it out!

  17. Pink pink, I like the chic interior setting, feel so trendy :)

  18. i like the pink, n the treatment looks good!! i dun mind to try it out :)

  19. I like their treatment and the staff is so patient in handling our skin.