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by - Saturday, July 09, 2016

we girls are often and always over-care about looking good and looking beautiful. no doubt most of the time we only pay attention about looking pretty through cosmetic products. countless layers of foundations and concealers everyday just to cover all the flaws on our face; from pores to wrinkles to scars and not to forget, uneven skin tones. we obviously aware that this is merely coverage. we are going to need more and more coverage as we age. question is how much coverage is enough?

it is important to have the realization that, in order to have beautiful skin on the outside, we have to first take care our skin from the inside. the secret beauty is always to look youthful from inside out. 

so rather than dabbing so much foundations to look good for that short period of time, why not try treating the source of all the flaws on your face? the answer to this would be COLLAGEN.

introducing the +CENTA Beauté Marine Collagen Jelly..:)

+CENTA Beauté Marine Collagen Jelly contains high performance marine collagen from Switzerland to renew skin, delay aging and lighten pigmentation. this is an innovative product of Swiss Biotechnologies International, Geneva, Switzerland. 

collagen production naturally declines with age, reducing the structural integrity of the skin and leading to sagging skin, the formation of lines and wrinkles. while young, the body consistently produces collagen, but collagen synthesis begins to decline around the age of forty(40), with a dramatic reduction in synthesis in women after menopause. by the age of sixty(60), there is typically a considerable decline in collagen production.

loaded with nutrients and vitamins, this collagen jelly helps to cosmetically to remove various lines and wrinkles from the face, as well as scarring (including acne). it also smoothen out the skin tone. minimizes pores and boosts immunity. 

each box comes with 15sachets and for each serving, it provides 38.5kcal of energy, 4.9g of carbohydrate and 5g of protein. *YAY!! no fats at all!!*. oohh, did i mention that this one tiny sachet contains of 5000mg of collagen? *that is a lot!!*..:D

each sachet of the jelly is properly sealed and can be easily opened with a visible small opening on it.

the colour of the jelly was a little disappointing at first *i was hoping it to be in baby pink LOL*, but the moment the sachet was unsealed, i immediate smell a very pleasant smell of sweet lychee. the jelly taste really chewy and bouncy yet easy to be swallowed as well. i actually quite enjoy eating it.

usage instruction and recommendation
  • consume one(1) sachet daily after meal
  • for better results, consume after breakfast and before bedtime
  • must me taken immediately after opening

i personally love the packaging that comes in long-tube sachet which is very convenient to be brought around. just pop some into the bags and i am good to go. filling up my collagen contents just anytime and anywhere.

just like most collagen products, it is difficult to gauge the effects in such a short time. i believe that beauty supplements like this need to be consumed in the long run to really see the results. if you do agree with me about the importance of building beauty from the inside, this may be the right thing for you to start off with..:)

+CENTA Beauté Marine Collagen Jelly | RM137.70 per box
available at all Guardians and Watsons nationwide

+CENTA Official Website+CENTA Malaysia Facebook

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14 response(s) received

  1. Packaging definitely looks eye catching.. and lychee flavour? sounds good!

  2. This looks like very convenient to carry around, especially for travels. I need to save up some budget for this, Getting old already but not necessarily rich. :(

  3. I love collagen too.This brand is something new to me. Maybe can give a try.

  4. Collegen is someting I havent actually start trying yet.
    I think cos I eat so much pork i don't need it . hahaha

  5. Did you like the taste tho? haha. Would love to give this a go.

  6. I tried this collagen jelly before. Taste not bad. =)

  7. how was the effect ?? i like jelly too..haha

  8. marine collagen jelly? wow. the products are getting exotic day by day.

  9. I plan to buy something similar for my collagen intake, this seems like a good suggestion :)

  10. The collagen mask packaging is so pretty!!!! I would love try it too =D

  11. I tried this too! It was really good in taste tho haha

  12. How is the taste like dear? the smell was lychee-ish correct?

  13. Yes, to see improvement in our skin, we need to consume certain period. Some Collagen Jelly taste nice.

  14. sounds good I won't mind trying this... if it taste as good as you mention... some collagen drinks and such taste just plain awful