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by - Tuesday, July 19, 2016

hosted by U Mobile, the telecommunication service with the fastest mobile network in Malaysia and KetchUp, the best social experience platform in KL, U Mobile’s Makan Makan Raya Campaign has given the invited guests the chance to enjoy a feast that included signatures, special and new dishes from popular F&B brands such as Caffe Bene, Fish & Co, Yoshinoya & Hanamaru, Sangkaya, and Sweet Hut.

and i was invited by Maven Communication to indulge some yummy desserts at Sweet Hut..:)

the name “Sweet Hut” comes from the homonyms of “Sweet Heart”, simply resembles the shop is filled with desserts by the word "sweet" and also a lovely and comfortable ambiance that cover with “hearts” which is suitable for couples and desserts lovers. 

declaring themselves as specialist, a wide range of desserts are made with specialised secret recipes, and inspired by different countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.

cannot deny they do have loads of lovey dovey heart prints around the cafe. however, the tables and chairs settings do not seem to resemble any romance nor sweetness.

we were introduced to some of the popular desserts at Sweet Hut. scroll down further to find out what i had..:)

Durian Pancake
never missed out durian desserts during durian season. this may look too green to eat, but trust me what's wrapping inside the greens will definitely surprise you!!! 

[signature] Sweet Hut D24 Durian Snow Ice | RM10.90
who love D24?! *raised both hands!!!* this is another durian dessert that wow me!!! i was expecting it to be blend since it is mixed with shaved ice, but hell NO!!! scooping each spoon is like eating the real D24 flesh!!! it is so so SO GOOD!!!

[signature] Baked Marquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice-Cream | RM12.80
i was pretty looking forward to eating this because i had it once in Times Square and i fell in love with it. but total disappointed the moment i poked the pudding. expecting the gooey chocolate to flow smoothly but i guess it was over-baked? it somewhat got "stuck"..:(

[signature] Fresh Milk Oreo Crunch Snow Ice with Caramel Pudding | RM11.90
this is good if you love milk. the shaved ice smelled and tasted very milky. the sweetness from the Oreo crunch and caramel pudding do help to bring up the overall taste of the milky shaved ice.

[signature] Coconut Pudding with Caramel Pudding | RM12.80
find this just so so to my liking. the coconut pudding is pretty difficult to scoop. and the coconut milk overflow whenever i tried to get a spoon of the coconut pudding..><

[signature] Steamed Aloe Vera with Egg White and Papaya (hot/cold) | RM12.80
this sounds like very nutritional for ladies but do not fancy papaya at all. tried a tea spoon of the aloe vera and egg white, very smooth but tasteless. i know it is supposed to eat along with the papaya, but no thanks..:p

Little Glutinous Balls (Peanuts/Black Sesame) - 5pcs | RM6.80
i managed to grab one of each when they were still warm, and they taste really good. glutinous rice is bouncy and smooth. the best part was when you chew it and the peanuts/sesame burst in your mouth!!!

Mini Spanish Egg Tarts - 5pcs | RM6.50
eat it when it is still hot. love how the egg still gooey looking, and taste really fresh. but the outer layer was a little too hard for me though.

*burp~* done "eating", let's get back to the Makan-Makan Raya Campaign:

to mark the Ramadhan and Aidilfitri festive season, U Mobile created a special campaign called ‘Makan-Makan Raya’ that enables customers to enjoy special promotions at the following participating F&B outlets, via the MyUMobile App:
  • Caffe Bene
  • Fish & Co
  • Yoshinoya & Hanamaru
  • Sangkaya
  • Sweet Hut
the campaign started on 1st June 2016 until 31st July 2016.

when U Mobile customers use the MyUMobile App to top up or pay bills, apart from redeeming the Makan Makan Raya offers, they also stand a chance to win a 3D2N holiday stay in Penang!!!

for more information about the promotion, login to www.u.com.my/promo/makan-makan-raya

special thanks to Anita, Nicholas, and Penny from Maven Communications for the invite!!!

U Mobile Website | U Mobile Facebook

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