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by - Tuesday, July 19, 2016

what is the first thought that comes in your mind when you travel to Ipoh? let me guess, bean sprout chicken rice, soya bean, tau fu fah, dim sum, white coffee, and countless more of the local street food!!! no doubt i love them all too, and these are also the first few things that would definitely cross my mind if i am ever step into Ipoh.

but besides all these typical must-have street food, ever thought of going for some fine dining in Ipoh? nope!! either. but not until i visited this really cool place. this is something new in Ipoh and i foresee this place is going to be the next top attraction in the town. well, it is quite a hype now in social media, so make sure you are not left behind to check out this place!!!

the iMiiRAGE Restaurant..:)

iMiiRAGE is one of the newly opened fine dining restaurant located at the new Ipoh Soho, and it is also well know for its 270-degree Full HD LED video projection, a whole new level of dining experience!!!

it was founded by Mr. Andy Goh. he has this vision and dream to own a restaurant with such concept ever since he was young. with much efforts to achieve his dream, two(2) million MYR was spent, and iMiiRAGE was established. 

as the restaurant is still new, there are limited views being projected for now. but this is not a drawback at all because all the current projected views are way beyond beautiful and i am sure you will be fascinated by them too!!! 

there are a total of three themes as of now. each image projection lasts for about twenty(20) minutes before it changes to the next view so you will have ample of time to enjoy it while dining.
  • 7:30am - 12:00pm |Hong Kong View|
  • 12:00pm - 10:00 pm |Japan Under-water World, Evening View of Paris|
did i mention that these are actually motioned images?! yerp, you read it right!!! for the Japan Under-water view, you will see fishes swimming from one corner of the restaurant to the other corner. As for the Paris view, look carefully and you will notice the hanging trees blow by the wind, cars moving along the streets of busy Paris city, and fireworks too!!!

i personally love the Paris theme because the colour of sunset is just amazing. it looks exactly like i am dining in a roof top with the magnificent view of Paris. who girls not love Paris when it is known as one of the most romantic place on earth..:p *LOL*

i was here for lunch and very lucky to be able to try out their new dishes from the chef here. apologize for the not-so-clear photos. these are probably the best shots i could get from a romantic ambiance restaurant.

Mac & Cheese ( Kid Meal)
favourite dish for kids, cheese macaroni

Cauliflower Cheese
suitable for vegetarian, mixed with pasta

specially for vegetarian, cheese baked with lots of veggies (eggplant,mushrooms, carrots, cucumber)

Spanish Paela
ingredients inclusive of prawns, blue mussels, clams and etc.

Pork Duet
Iberico paired with handmade apple cider sauce & with chef's recipe sauce. only uses pork belly and match with BBQ sauce

Honey & Mustard Chicken
marinated with honey, grain mustard and balsamic vinegar

Chicken Charmeula 
grilled with special herbs and spice

Wagyu "Au Poivre"
use tenderloin marinated with pepper, grill until medium and form a 'blackpepper crust', match with their unique sauce

cook with Mediterranean style, grilled and paired with special herbs

Iberico (pork) with foie gras paired with special handmade red wine sauce. Iberico cooked in medium rare (the best texture)

special thanks to PromoteLa and iMiiRAGE for having me here all the way from KL. it was indeed an eye-opening dining experience. liked i said, this place is a hype now, so do make a reservation with them when you visit Ipoh!!

scroll down further to find out how you can get exclusive promotion from me..:)

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iMiiRAGE Restaurant @ Ipoh
Address: Blok B, 2-15, Ipoh SoHo,
 Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah 
30000 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan
Opening Hours: 
7:30am – 1.00pm (Dim Sum) more info | 11:30am – 2:30pm | 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Close on Tuesday
Telephone: +605 241 2361

iMiiRAGE Official Website | iMiiRAGE Facebook

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  1. Wow, I didn't know such a restaurant existed in Ipoh. I think the concept is pretty cool that we can technically be in anywhere hahaha.

  2. Not so new anymore. Maybe 2 years old? But the views continue to impress diners.

  3. Must be supeeer nice to dine in this place! They should open one in KL la!

  4. You look so stunning in the pictures dear!
    I like their environment and the food too! Hope can visit them for dimsum session to enjoy the hk view! :D

  5. Cool place! Great to be able to check this place

  6. So news!! I thought it was a real view! So clever.

  7. Visited this cafe last year. Great concept and good services but foods are so-so.

  8. wow...the cafe looks so pretty!!!And food also looks so yummy and delicious!!

  9. OMG! the view is stunning! The food look well presented too.

  10. Nice place to dine-in at Ipoh. Would use your code to get discount and to try out the food.

  11. oh imirage! superb!!.. i was there once, but to eat nam heong next door.

  12. Gorgeous place! Would love to eat out here. Great to see options for vegetarians as well.

  13. The concept is really cool! We can enjoy Paris View at imiirage, this is so nice and definitely will check it out when I am in ipoh.

  14. wow...seem interesting. very new to me.. must check it out!!

  15. This is definitely a very fascinating cafe to be at... can pretend we are dining in HK or Paris or underwater...

  16. This is definitely a very fascinating cafe to be at... can pretend we are dining in HK or Paris or underwater...

  17. Wow, I like the environment and it so romantic. Suit for candle light dinner.

  18. PromoteLa? That's new, hmmm will google them out soon hehe, didn't know Ipoh had a place like this. Cool!

  19. Though I lived near Ipoh, I've never been there yet. Really want to hop here at least once in my lifetime as here really looks grand and sweet if have a date with love once.

  20. all the way to Ipoh! Looks like a good platform to use will check it out