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by - Wednesday, November 30, 2016

i came across this casual dining place some two years back when a friend of mine treated me to this place for my birthday. i was really impressed with the what was served to me but i did not bother to pen it down that time.

two years passed and i am back to this place and it is my honour to feature this on my blog today, as this place is highly recommended, and has win the heart of everyone who visited. you may want to consider not having turkey on this coming festive season, instead come here for some really good porks.

one of the most famous steak house - ANTE

established in 2012, considering a toddler in the F&B industry, ANTE has gone from strength to strength building up its reputation fast enough and managed to make itself standing in one of the top best restaurant in Klang Valley

with numerous nominations in the short 4 years, this proves that ANTE has nothing but the best feedback and satisfactions from its customers. some notable mentions include; 

(1) Best Place for Meats in 2014
(2) Winner for Time Out KL Food Awards in 2015
(3) Best Restarant List for The Yum List in 2014 & 2015
(4) Five Best Places to Eat in Publika for Hungrygowhere
(5) Top 9 Must Try Pork Dishes in Klang Valley for Says
(6) Reviews from The Star and The Edge

ANTE has always strive to ensure everything is house made, from ricotta cheese, to smoking their own bacon for certain dishes as well as handpicking and manicuring every piece of pork steak.

ANTE's menu has always been revised and revamped yearly. every dish that is listed on the menu has been extensively researched and further developed to ensure customer satisfaction. this updated menu will showcase its main strength - meats.

now, scroll further for some really sinful and porkalicious meals..:)

[Appetizer] Tasting Platter | RM46.00
a cold cuts platter featuring imported Jamon Iberico, spanish cured ham, cubes of smoked duck breast; with a side of extra virgin olive oil infused rockmelon and ricotta. a slice of Lescure butter and Sourdough bread to complete the platter.

this platter basically has all the different tastes you are looking for. the smoked duck is something you might want to give it a try but besides that, everything tastes slightly ordinary to me. plus, the ham is somewhat too salty to my liking though.

[Appetizer] House Smoked Bacon | RM19.00
three(3) slices of 8mm thick bacon seared to give it a slight crust, the bacon is made from raw at ANTE, where the kitchen team manicures, brines and air dry before smoking it; served with seeded mustard.

beautifully smoked slice of bacon with equal thickness of fat and meat. it tastes a little too salty to me but the sourness from the mustard somewhat covers the saltiness and turned out pretty satisfying.

[Appetizer] Miso Pork Belly | RM19.00
12 hours slow cooked pork belly to seal the meat in its own juices, miso glaze, herbed crust (oven baked bread crumbs mixed with miso, butter and thyme herbs)

THIS IS A BOMB!!! i would highly recommend you to order this!!! this is our Chinese so called "siu yuk" but totally in a whole new level of WOAH!!! it is so so juicy that it bursts in your mouth. whether or not to take it with the crumbs it is still YUMMY!!! *drooling*

[Appetizer] Crispy Trotter Salad | RM29.00
only available at ANTE PUBLIKA
pork trotter skin is fried till crispy and adorned on top of a mixed lollo lettuce, young papaya and mango with pecan nuts, pomegranate seeds and a french vinaigrette dressing

i do not exactly like the combination of fresh vegetables with oily pig skin, but i do enjoy eating just the skin without vegetables just to have more of the crispiness.

[Appetizer] Garden Duck Salad | RM27.00
duck breast slices with baby romaine, tossed with grilled watermelons, cherry tomatoes, pecan and a zesty orange brandy dressing. a dish that highlights the juiciness of duck breasts complimented by the sweetness of grilled watermelons, cherry tomatoes and the orange brandy dressing.

the duck breast is so good!!! the sweetness from the dressing paired well with the meat. just a little disappointed with the grilled watermelon because it tastes like an overripe fruit..><

the signature char-grilled pork steak category includes a total of four(4) cuts, each with its own signature sauce and accompaniments. all cuts are handpicked and manicured before cooking, ensuring quality in every slice. all steaks are temperature checked for doneness before serving.

[Main Course] Pork Striploin Black Pepper Sauce | RM38.00
tender pork loin cut that comes with a strip of fat, char-grilled. served with a black pepper sauce, fries, caramelized onions, frisee and oak leaf lettuce

i find this a bit too ordinary because french fries and black pepper sauce is too mainstream i guess. but the meat is so nicely cooked it did not get too dry to chew knowing that pork loin can get a little "rough".

[Main Course] Pork Striploin Diane | RM42.00
tenderloin meat with a strip of fat, cooked Diane style on a bed of green pea mash and roasted russet potatoes drenched with a mushroom brandy sauce

i could not bother much about the mashed pea and wedges, for i was really enjoying dipping my meat into the creamy sauce. but this can be rather "jelak" if you were to eat this all by yourself.

[Main Course] Pork Shoulder | RM52.00
well marbled cut of dark meat on the bone, served with herbed rosemary garlic sauce, mashed potatoes, frisee and oak lett

this is a really big slice of shoulder, do not attempt to eat this alone *LOL*. i liked the pork shoulder better because it is not as thick as compared to the rest of the cuts, and comes with lesser fats. 

[Main Course] Pork Rib Eye | RM52.00
a composition of lean white meat, marbled dark meat and strip of fat, chargrilled to seal the flavours and create that melt-in-your-mouth sensation. paired with a truffle browned butter sauce that goes very well with it, roasted russet potatoes, frisee and oak leaf lettuce

this comes with a really big portion of marbling fats. but i cannot deny how good it is to eat along with the medium cooked meat. i personally liked the sauce a lot but i would prefer to eat the rib eye without it because the fats is juicy and oily enough i do not want to add in any buttery taste to it.

the pasta section has also been given equal care and attention, bringing in different styles.

[Main Course] Carbonara | RM30.00
a classic dish that ANTE has made into one of it's signature dishes, the pasta is made with cream, pork bacon, button mushrooms and egg yolks

this is love!!! the pasta is soaked with creamy carbonara!!! i love that they added a little bit of egg yolks which tasted really different from the ordinary carbonara.

[Main Course] Arrabiata | RM28.00
a hearty pasta where the base of the sauce is made up of tomato, dried chilies and bacon. sliced bacon tossed with linguine to complete the dish

i love the sauce, just like bolognaise but with a hint of spiciness in it. the bacon is in generous amount you can taste each bite of your pasta with it. i just wished they can top the plate with grated cheese to add thickness to the texture.

[Main Course] Char Siu Curry Cream | RM33.00
house-made 'char siu' on top of a bed of linguine tossed with curry, eggplant ragout and shimeiji mushrooms

this is something different but not too up to my liking though. the curry tasted somewhat like instant noodle seasoning but in a slightly thicker and creamier texture. and eggplant with pasta just does not sounds good to me.

[Dessert] Apple Crumble | RM18.00
green apples cooked and then layered with crispy, buttery crumble, served with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel syrup

i was disappointed with the apples because they are really over-baked and it turned out to be very soft, the moment i poke a fork on it it smeared like kaya spread..><

so how porkalicious does it feels just by looking at the pictures? *haha*. i definitely enjoyed very very much all the dishes though they are really sinful. all you need is just some extra hours of workouts after the meal..:p

so what are you waiting for? book your table now and feast yourself to the porkalicious meals before the menu is revamped again in the future!!!

ANTE @ Solaris Dutamas Publika
A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas 1,
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact No.: +603-6206 3364
Operating Hours: Sunday - Thursday 11:00am to 10:30pm | Friday - Saturday 11:00am to 11:30pm

ANTE @ 1 Utama Shopping Center
Lot F346, First Floor, New Wing, Rainforest,
One Utama Shopping Centre Bandar Utama 47800 Selangor.
Contact No.: +603-7732 5204
Operating Hours: Sunday - Thursday 10:00am to 10:00pm | Friday - Saturday 10:00am to 10:30pm

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