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by - Thursday, January 05, 2017

PAPAYA - one of my least favoured food (and celery) of all, simply because of its weird smell and taste and its weird looking shape with countless of gooey seeds probably best described it as frog eggs floating on a pond *LOL*..-_-

so i got to try out some drinks at one of this Taiwan branded F&B franchise. god knows how shocked i was the moment i was told that i am about to drink some "really good" PAPAYA milkshake..o.O..i was terrified of course!!! never eaten papaya for long enough that i thought this day i am gonna make my own life history *LOL*

but the first sip IMPRESSED me!!! - City Milk, Taiwan's No.1 Papaya Milkshake..

City Milk is a branding from Taiwan, started as an ordinary fruit juice stall in 1988, slowly building its fame all thanks to a simple yet attention-drawing drink - papaya milkshake. it is boasted as one of Taiwanese favourite drink of all time.

City Milk committed to do only hand-made fresh fruit beverages; offering natural, healthy and incredible taste. they implement a good concept with combination of fresh fruits and milk which is revolutionizing the drinking culture in the country.

City Milk uses the freshest papaya imported from its homeland - Taiwan, fresh milk and generous amount of water and ice cubes. it is not as simple as it looks. water and ice cubes need to be added bit by bit throughout the blending process, and this takes up to minutes!!!

and the outcome is a good cup of chilled papaya milkshake which totally..somewhat reduces a little of my papaya curse *LOL*. it is acceptable for me because the papaya taste is not that strong for i tasted the cold fresh milk at the same time.

if you are not a papaya fan like me, i personally think it is best to drink it the moment it is serve to you rather than a takeaway (probably freeze it first) because as the chill go off the papaya taste and smell got slightly stronger and that was when i started rejecting it.

again not papaya fan? City Milk also offers other variety signature milkshake, yogurt series and many more; all natural and made from only the freshest ingredients.

how often do you come across papaya drinks? of so many different drink stalls i would say it is rather rare. so this can be something different you might want to try out!!! at least when i thought of papaya i know where to get the right papaya boost..:p
City Milk Malaysia
LG-18A-2, Berjaya Time Square, 1, Jalan Imbi, 
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(located near food court)
Contact: +6011-5117 4611
Business Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm daily

City Milk Taipei Official Website | City Milk Malaysia Facebook

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