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by - Sunday, April 16, 2017

eyebrows have been in the spotlight more than ever recently, and for good reason. well-groomed brows act to frame the eyes and highlight your best features. in fact, strong brows can make you look put-together on a makeup free day. 

i only discovered the magic of owning groomed eyebrows not too long ago when i got introduced to this new little gadget that is said to be able to do wonders to all your delicate body areas such as eyebrows, underarms, and even bikini line - Veet Sensitive Touch

the whole set of  Veet Sensitive Touch comes with the following: 

2mm & 4mm comb attachment
 6mm & 16 mm two-sided trimming head (for eyebrows)
 comb attachment
 20mm bikini trimming head (for other body delicate body areas)
 gadget with AA battery
 styler cap 
 cleaning brush

and i am about to find out how magical can this gadget be. read on my experience in using the Veet Sensitive Touch on my never-trim-before eyebrows..:)

i am using the two-sided trimming heads. for trimming purposes, a comb attachment is needed, else the bare trimming heads would act as a shavers. the 2mm and 4 mm comb attachment is easily inserted to both sides of the trimming heads depending how wide you would like your trimming area to be covered. i personally would recommend to go for the 6mm blade for a safer play as you don't want to over-trim your brows i'm sure.

as said, i have never done anything on my eyebrows before and i was never paying them much mind. sure, i'd pluck the few strays i'd occasionally get beneath my brow bones, but that was about the extent of it. so you can actually see the thickness *unbelievably thick* and length of my brows *unbelievably long*. you thought i am the typical Asian with bald brows? nahhh..i do have eyebrows as thick as men ya know *LOL!!!*.

i was advised to draw my eyebrows to the desired shape so that no accident of over-trimming happen, now, i am not not a friend of eyebrow pencil i don't really know how to even draw a perfect shape for my eyebrows *LOL!!!*. not gonna be too ambitious to attempt to change the shape of my eyebrows though; just trimming away the lengthy ones and shaving away the excessive growing ones, for this time round.

i am using the 2mm comb attachment on the 6mm trimming head. go light and easy from the outer part of the brow all the way to the inner part. i must say the trimming works perfectly!!! the trimming got a little additive i wanted to go shorter but i was afraid of ending up with a too bald brows *LOL!!!*. it made my bushy brows look way shorter and neater. 

using the same 6mm trimming head without the attachment comb, i went ahead to shave away all the spare hairs below my eyebrow bone. while i was feeling all satisfied with the appealing results i got from trimming, my expectation fell slightly short when it comes to shaving. 

expecting high that the trimming head would give me that so called "clean shave" as how razor does, well, to be honest, nothing near clean at all. after going through the same spot with the blades several times, i could still observed much stubs left un-shaved.

the only obvious results achieved - shorter and neater brow from trimming, NOT shaving.

well, accident is unavoidable!!! you can obviously see both my eyebrows look different after removing the eyebrow pencil shades.  this is because i bravely *stupidly* attempted for the 16mm blades when i was all fed up with the non-functioning 6mm blades that didn't shave a thing out of my brows. again, i bravely *stupidly* used it wanting to shave those tiny thin hairs on top of my brows and accidentally went over my brow area *holy cow!!!* and hence THAT..:(

gave up shaving immediately, and disappointingly went on to trim the other side. gotta start making friend with eyebrow pencil already for i will be needing it to cover up the half balded brow for at least few weeks before it grows back to the original shape.

shaving and trimming of other delicate body areas (ie. bikini line and underarms) uses the 20mm trimming head and the slightly bigger comb attachment respectively. got no intention to try on the other trimming head anymore for i foresee it will end up giving the same disappointing shave.

the trimming heads and comb attachments can be cleaned using the small brush that comes along in the packaging, or you can simply put them under the running water to wash.

overall, i find the Veet Sensitive Touch a little disappointing, probably because i was putting too high expectation that this can overcome the hassles from plucking hairs using a tweezers. i guess i was wrong after all. having said that, on the bright side, it does a great job as a trimming tool. i would still use it to trim my eyebrows short, but i guess i am still gonna rely on my tweezers to achieve that clean outcome and slower hair growth from plucking.

Veet Sensitive Touch retails at RM119.00 at major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers.

Veet Malaysia Official Website | Veet Malaysia Facebook

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