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by - Wednesday, July 13, 2016

when i was still a kid, i used to love riding on my brother's scooter proudly around the house. now it is not the scooter bike if you are thinking of that *LOL*. the scooter that i meant looks like one of this. you considered super cool when you own one of this back in about a decade ago. this scooter is very mechanical in a way that it behaves like a skating board. you have to use the strength on one of your legs to move it. 

as years go by, as the era evolves, technology evolves too. from a mechanical scooter, how about a electronic scooter? i bet you will be considered super duper cool when you own one of this!!! introducing the Ninebot..:)

Ninebot Malaysia is the leading brand of high quality electronic personal transporters in the electronic personal transporter market. no other mobility device provides the quality and reliability as a Ninebot. Ninebot series of self-balancing robot (hereinafter referred to as Ninebot) is the next generation of personal transportation that will bring you incredible driving pleasure!!!!

it was a pleasure to be invited by Ninebot Malaysia to try out the three series of Ninebot. well, i was only able to ride on the Ninebot-P and the Ninebot Mini Pro, because the Ninebot One is pretty difficult to cope with.

all Ninebot series operated by built-in micro-electronic gyroscopes and sensors which consist of one set precise and high speed accelerometers. these sensors will calculate the posture at the speed of 200-500 times per second. once it gets the appropriate command from the high-speed processor, motor will work accordingly to make the scooters move. 

the rider can control the posture by leaning forwards or backwards to move forwards or backwards. basically everything is about body balancing the moment you step on the Ninebot. it was pretty scary at the beginning because a slight change in an angle will result in moving the Ninebot. we do not stand stagnantly so the Ninebot will somewhat moves forward and backward slightly all the time. but once you have overcome the fear, it turns out to be REALLY FUN!!!

i was really afraid to stand on Ninebot Mini at first, but in the end, it became my favourite!!!

click on each Ninebot to find out its feature and specification

perfect car companion
with its futuristic, lightweight, compact, portable and affordable attributes, you can always have a Ninebot in your trunk ready for any occasion. definitely an eye-catching object if you were to ride it in a mall.

innovative dual safety backup
Ninebot employs the most innovative and advanced "double backup technology” which makes it the most reliable and safest vehicle of its kind. This double safety technology ensures the drivers’ safety at all times. 

high-tech construction
besides dual backup systems,  Ninebot has the world's lightest and most robust construction made up of magnesium alloy, the most practical and lightest metal. this results in an incredibly light vehicle to be carried to anywhere.

also, its super lithium battery that results in shorter charging times, larger capacity and a combination of two separate battery modules inside of a single unit. this is equivalent to an unrivaled range and top notch user experience.

Ninebot Malaysia offers demo sessions to introduce the Ninebot series to everyone. yerp, free ride on the coolest personal transportation!!! if you are interested to attend one of their demo sessions, feel free to email or contact the following representative directly:

Andy Teh (Edamamedia Head Honcho)
Mobile: +6012-489 0878
Unit T1-11-20, The Square @ One City,
Jalan USJ 25/1, Subang Jaya, 47500, Selangor.
Telephone: +603-5036 0488.

Ninebot Malaysia Website | Ninebot Malaysia Facebook

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22 response(s) received

  1. I don't want this to be my primary transport, though. I'd be all clumsy and sweaty. LOL

  2. hahaha, we are all the scooter babies....i remember back then how we really proud of owning a scooter!

  3. I wish to try it .. I been scared by this ninebot on the road..what the heck !

  4. Have seen some videos of people playing with a similiar device like ninebot one it look so funn! but the price ain't cheap! /_\

  5. When first time actually is quite scary!!But felt fun after I get know how to control!!

  6. Looks fun but don't know I can balance it or not. Afraid will fall later.

  7. I have tried it also, very fun and easy to ride.

  8. Is a good experience ride on the nine bot. At first I was scare but when try a few time, it actually easy to control.

  9. Looks like an interesting ride... but I still prefer walking... I feel that using this too much will even make our Malaysians more obese and lazy... huhuhu... use our own legs and walk lah..... our heart and blood vessels need a good exercise....

  10. This is new way, new craze for sure! It looks so very cool.

  11. you experienced it! superb.. :) i find the name ninebot pretty interesting.

  12. I heard about this Ninebot too! Can't wait to give it a try :)

  13. Recently I heard about this ninebot as surely kids will love it more than us.

  14. Maybe in the future we can use to travel to places nearby our area! This looks so much fun hehe.

  15. seems like a very cool gadget. perfect for those who are lazy walking but still want to travel around city by foot.

  16. I'd love to give this one a try :D Looks fun. Can you take it on full speed? If so then this would be so fun to let your lazy friend chase you around :D

  17. contributing to the next generation of lazy people lol

  18. Ninebot seems so fun! it reminds me of one of the samtsui's music video haha

  19. Is this fun? I still prefer walk because I need exercise. XD

  20. This would be fun to ride in the park! (which defeats attempting to exercise!)

  21. looks fun, never tried any of such machines yet and still wondering how to control it.

  22. I am still very afraid of playing with I am one person that really lacks balance.hahahha